Can Anyone Tell me what Game This Is From a Screen Shot?

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  1. brain6464

    brain6464 Member

    I've been looking at the advertisements for the Kindle Fire HD and it's killing me that I cannot figure out what games they are advertising for it. Can anyone help me out here? I want to know whether the game is good or not. It looks intriguing.

    Here's the first screenshot:

    It looks like a pinball game or an air hockey game or something.

    Here's another screenshot:

    It looks like a foosball game, but I'm pretty sure those are both the same game.

    Can anyone help me out? If this needs to go in a different forum, can you move it there for me?


  2. Zero Hunter

    Zero Hunter Well-Known Member

    This game really does look very interesting. Hope someone may know out there...
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    This thread has been moved to the Android Games forum since i believe that someone might have a better idea of what game this is :)
  4. LexiconStudios

    LexiconStudios Well-Known Member

    That game looks freaking fantastic, but i have a sneaking suspicion that its not a real game at all. The production quality looks a bit too high for it to be a game that I have never ever heard of.
  5. kurtyyyyyy

    kurtyyyyyy Well-Known Member

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  6. Zero Hunter

    Zero Hunter Well-Known Member

    Hmm it could be actually. Even if it's not, PvZ Pinball looks awesome. Getting and thanks!
  7. brain6464

    brain6464 Member

    Thanks, I'm not quite sure if that is the game, though.

    Any other thoughts?
  8. brain6464

    brain6464 Member

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  9. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

  10. brain6464

    brain6464 Member

  11. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    It's a huge game. 350MB!! Not tried it yet though.
  12. Daroth

    Daroth Member

    yeah watch review and it is truly Fibble Flick 'n' Roll :p

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