Can anyone uninstall amazon mp3, words with friends?Support

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  1. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone uninstall amazon mp3, words with friends?

    for some reason it won't let me uninstall it and it says it is built in??

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  2. MrDeeJ

    MrDeeJ Well-Known Member

    They are pre-installed apps or Bloatware as some people call them. You cannot get rid of them unless you Root I believe.
  3. bloodylipp

    bloodylipp Well-Known Member

    this is correct
  4. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    ugh! i didn't remember these apps being there when I initially purchased the tablet

    it must have been bundled in with a recent upgrade
  5. MrDeeJ

    MrDeeJ Well-Known Member

    Amazon MP3 has come pre-installed on every Android Device I have gotten over the last 3 years. I think it is a standard install. I wouldn't mind the WwF on my Tablet but it never syncs properly and unlike on my iPod Touch I can't link it to play with my Facebook friends.
  6. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    really? has amazon mp3 even been out for that long?

    i clearly don't remember this app being there. I purchased this on opening day.
  7. Thorsten

    Thorsten Well-Known Member

    I don
  8. Stlouisx50

    Stlouisx50 New Member

    Yep the above poster is right. My dad has this phone and I know it was not factory installed. The stupid app gives an uninstall option, but does not uninstall. The app is always trying to update.
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  9. Coach70

    Coach70 Well-Known Member

    On my Galaxy Tab it gives me an option to "Uninstall Updates", but not to uninstall. These apps were definitely not on myTab when I first purchased it, but they are there now and I cannot get rid of them.
  10. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    ugh..i know! complete bloatware BS!
  11. Jacksmyname

    Jacksmyname Well-Known Member

    If you're runnig ICS, you can uninstall Amazon mp3 and Words With Friends.
  12. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    i have the ICS upgrade on mine..and still can't uninstall completely
  13. Jacksmyname

    Jacksmyname Well-Known Member

    Try it through the Play Store app. That's how I did it.
  14. karte

    karte New Member

    I tried what you said, it got stuck on "uninstalling", 5 minutes and still not over.

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