Can Combined Inbox be disabled?

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  1. DaveK

    DaveK New Member

    I get double e-mails in my Combined Inbox. Does anyone know if it can be disabled? Thanks.

  2. Macx

    Macx New Member

    Edit: I may have misread the original question. This is what worked for me to "disable" the *entire* combined inbox. /Edit

    I gave this solution in another thread, but found the question here, too.

    Same problem, on DROID. Interesting is that I had two Gmail accounts set up under the Gmail app, but didn't have a problem until I set up the Google Voice app. Then all of a sudden, all my notifications came via my combined inbox in Email instead of through Gmail.

    On my DROID, I opened the Email application (which seems to lead to the combined inbox) and made the following settings changes:

    • Email check frequency: never
    • Default account: off
    • Email notifications: off

    So far, so good. This doesn't seem to have changed my regular Gmail notifications or sync schedule. I'll update if something goes haywire.
  3. DaveK

    DaveK New Member

    Thanks. Yes, I wanted to shut down the whole Combined Inbox feature. I'll give this a try.

    I'm now also finding that any mail that goes to the Combined Inbox on my phone later shows up as "already read" on my computer, even though I've never seen it. Not cool!


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