Can Droid be used with Verizon Wireless Prepaid?

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  1. jorel314

    jorel314 Member

  2. Cryofire

    Cryofire Member

    It's not possible to put onto a prepaid line, has to be postpay with at least the $29.99 unlimited email and web package.
  3. jorel314

    jorel314 Member

    Thanks for answering. Do you know if that $29.99 unlimited data plan is available without a voice plan or contract?
  4. Cryofire

    Cryofire Member

    If you buy a Droid from somewhere else not through Verizon you can activate it on an account with no contract. For the no voice part, yes you can do that too, the plan gives unlimited messaging, internet, email and its $.25 a minute. The plan is 54.99 a month.
  5. jorel314

    jorel314 Member


    Thanks. You've been very helpful... Btw, do you work at Verizon? I don't see those plans you mentioned advertised anywhere?
  6. ohvzwguy

    ohvzwguy Well-Known Member

    Actually No.... As of 11/07 Verizon is no longer offering the Unlimited Data with out a voice plan to consumers. This feature will only be able to be added to Business account. I assume for this exact reason, Unlimited minutes/data via VOIP for only $54.99 when VZW should be getting $149.98

    Don't shoot the messenger, don't believe me, call VZW 18009220204
  7. jorel314

    jorel314 Member

  8. jorel314

    jorel314 Member

    Just out of curiosity, say I just buy the Droid from Amazon without a contract for $529.99 free shipping and no tax.

    Then, I call Verizon to activate a new prepaid account saying I already have a compatible Verizon phone and just give them the IMEI number without telling them it's a Droid.

    Would I then be able to use the Droid with Verizon prepaid?
  9. Cryofire

    Cryofire Member

    Actually yeah I do work for verizon and atleast in our state you can still get the 54.99 plan with no voice, but as far as the meid thing goes they can tell what phone it is by that number so that wouldn't work.. but search data only on you'll see the plan.
  10. Cryofire

    Cryofire Member

    Actually search voice only its the first link that comes up.
  11. jorel314

    jorel314 Member

  12. Cryofire

    Cryofire Member

    You have to get the more expensive one for the droid, the other plan is for regular phones.
  13. Backnblack

    Backnblack Well-Known Member

    A cell with no voice plan? makes no sense.....
  14. jorel314

    jorel314 Member

    If you can just get an unlimited data plan, then you can talk and text as much as you want using VOIP via Google Voice and Gizmo instead of the limited number of minutes and SMS they give you with a regular voice plan.
  15. Backnblack

    Backnblack Well-Known Member

    So what happens when your not connected to wifi and need a phone?
  16. jorel314

    jorel314 Member

    If you don't have 3g or wifi coverage and you need to use a phone, then you would just pay $0.25 a minute.

    I'm in an area with wifi or 3g coverage 95% of the time, so not paying for a monthly voice plan would make sense for me, but if you are in a rural area with no 3g, then voip wouldn't be a good solution.
  17. bxtzd3

    bxtzd3 Well-Known Member

    why not netbook $300 or so. voip , skype they even come with a cam for video conf.
  18. brandini

    brandini Well-Known Member

    Not if you're disabled...
  19. jorel314

    jorel314 Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. It made me realize I don't need a new cell phone after all.

    After doing some research, I decided to pass on the droid and just get a prepaid 3G USB Modem for my macbook. I'm on wifi most of the time anyways.

    The Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go USB modem has been reported to work on ubuntu linux, mac, and windows, so I won't be tied down to a particular device either.

    Also, my kindle gets free unlimited monthly internet access, which is useful for html only versions of sites like these which includes Google Voice's mobile site for sending and receiving unlimited sms for free.

    If I'm in an area with no wifi or 3g, then I can use my prepaid t-mobile SIM on any unlocked gsm phone for calls and sms.

    That's a lot of devices to carry around, and if I wasn't too much of a cheapskate, I would have replaced them all with a droid.
  20. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member

    Is this an official policy? If so, why?

    I could buy a Nokia N900, which is an equally (more?) advanced smartphone and sign up for prepaid on T-Mobile.

    If this is the actual VZW policy, then it results in lost of customers because I, for one, will go with another option. I do not use my cell phone every day. In fact, I might only use it once a week or less. But a device like the Droid or the N900 is very useful on WiFi even when I don't need the cell phone. So I will only go with a prepaid plan. And if VZW won't offer it, I'll go somewhere else.

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