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can enny one give me a good update.zip file rootedSupport

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  1. devoldog22

    devoldog22 Member

    iv tryed every thang i have only one thang i can do is use a update.zip rooted to root my phone so pleas some one email me the rooted update.zip to billyrowton77@gmail.com

  2. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    Do you have cwm recovery installed?

    If not, an update.zip will do you no good. The stock recovery has a signature verification feature... which means that if your zip isn't signed with the official Samsung keys, it will just abort.

    The ONLY way to root the prevail is with ODIN

    All current exploits have been patched in 2.3.6 so our only option is to use Samsung's flashing utility (Odin) to install clockwork mod recovery and then fash a rooted ROM (or use Odin to installed a pre-rooted image)

    There is NO other option... no Odin... no root... no exceptions
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  3. devoldog22

    devoldog22 Member

    my pc cant pick up my phone via usb but i found a way to get into the system from a wifi sink but cant do much cus idk what to do
  4. devoldog22

    devoldog22 Member

    ps i installed the drivers baught a new cabel did the restart after drivers wor installed i get it as an unknowen device and get this masage
    Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
  5. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    That happened to my brothers prevail just shortly before the USB port completely fried out and it wouldn't even charge anymore. I'm willing to bet you have a faulty/broken USB port. Call Samsung and send it in for warranty repair.
  6. vce2005

    vce2005 Well-Known Member

    Hey devoldog,

    you really must be desperate to make a paper weight out of your Prevail ( since you don't believe any of us here )..........

    I posted a possible solution on how you can fix your USB problem in a previous thread of yours..... And if this computer is really that badly screwed up that you can't get your Prevail to connect, heck, go to a neighbor or a friend and use their comp.......... just install the drivers, root the phone and your out there again...... Takes less then 15 minutes to do that !!

    And if there is NOOOOO Windows computer around your for like 1000 miles, contact these people, they will root your Prevail for you !! Samsung Phones - Samsung Galaxy Prevail - MobileTechVideos.COM
  7. vce2005

    vce2005 Well-Known Member

    Was for some reason double posted !!! ;)

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