Can HTC sense in Desire S be upgraded ?General

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  1. Locksven

    Locksven New Member

    Hello every body... I'm newbie here..[​IMG]

    As far as I know, HTC Desire S has HTC Sense UI 2.x, isn't that right..??
    I want to ask if HTC Desire S can upgrade to the latest HTC Sense ? I think it is 3.0 version...

    Because I'm interested on using Desire S, but when I saw the HTC Sense fiture at, it doesn't has some of the latest HTC sense like "Maps and Compass", "Never miss a turn", "Preview your way" and "Security (remotely find the phone), etc"

    So, can HTC Sense on Desire S be upgraded..??


  2. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    Yes, the Desire S has the Sense 2.x UI.

    I don't think HTC have ruled out the possibility of the Desire S acquiring the new Sense 3.x UI at some point in the future, but, if they do, it might not have all the graphical features that the more powerful HTC phones will be able to display.

    All the things you list ('"Maps and Compass", "Never miss a turn", "Preview your way" and "Security (remotely find the phone), etc') are on the Desire S and are part of Sense 2.x

    The key difference between Sense 3 and 2 seems to be the '3D' graphics. I'm not sure of any other main differences, especially in the way of unique apps.

    However, there are Sense 3.x versions of ROMs available for the Desire S and people running it seem to be able to use it well, without many problems. It's still in its early days, so any rough edges will be smoothed off in the near furture.
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  3. Locksven

    Locksven New Member

    Wow.. Thank's notebook for the info...

    I like Desire S because the size suits me, of course the fiture it self suits me. Rather than others HTC smart phone (Desire HD, Sensation, etc), I think 4,3 inches screen is to large for me to handle.. Hehehehe...

  4. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    Just to clarify, those who have flashed the Sense 3 UI to their Desire S have been able to do it because they've rooted their phone.

    I chose the Desire S over the larger screen HTCs for the same reasons - it fit my hand much better and is easier to use one handed.
  5. Locksven

    Locksven New Member

    Ok.. So, I have to root my Desire S for using HTC Sense UI 3..

    Next, question..

    Can anyone give me info or link that can describe list of HTC Sense 2.1 and HTC sense 3.0? I want to know the different acctualy...

  6. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

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