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Can I charge my Atrix 2 with a kindle phone chargerSupport

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  1. bmjabber2

    bmjabber2 Member

    Would be nice to carry one less thing on vacation?

  2. JeepsOLot

    JeepsOLot Active Member

    I believe that as long as it's a micro-USB charger, you should be good.

  3. Pema108

    Pema108 Member

    Yes you can use your Kindle charger for your phone. I do it all the time without any problem. We have 4-5 mini-usb chargers on a power strip for our phones (motorolla, samsung, HTC) and 3 different kindles. We interchange them all the time, and have done so for more than a year, without any negative affects on any of the devices.

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