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  1. xrae

    xrae Well-Known Member

    I'm in my second week of using the Optimus V as my full-time phone and I'm already running into "out of space" warnings on a regular basis.

    I don't have that many extra apps downloaded, and I've moved all those I can over to the SD card. I have around 100 text messages stored (after deleting a bunch today) and use gmail instead of the included mail app. I use Stitcher to stream some podcasts and music. Does that cache to the phone perhaps?

    I'm not interested in rooting the phone.

    What, if anything, can I do to increase space?

    Is this typical Android behavior, or mostly this model?

    Thanks ....

  2. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue,was clearing the cache all the time,i did not want to root the phone either, but after rooting it and paying for an app called Titanium backup i have not any any memory issues, it lets you delete and free up space of thing you would not be able to with a non rooted phone.
  3. kc3

    kc3 Well-Known Member

    Yeah or you can install a ROM that's capable of moving any app to the sd card or you can partition for sd card and install Link2SD to put any app on the SD card including it's cache. Both of these methods require rooting.
  4. xrae

    xrae Well-Known Member

    Well I really don't want to void my warranty, having had the phone just three weeks. But this space issue is infuriating for sure.

    Any other options? There's no way to free memory without rooting the phone?
  5. aldamon

    aldamon Well-Known Member

    No. Most of your memory is being taken by the bloatware in the ROM. I have 70MB free with no programs moved to the SD Card.
  6. xrae

    xrae Well-Known Member

    Wow, sounds like this phone is the equivalent to an HP laptop. :p

  7. Silenus

    Silenus Member

    I believe all Android phones suffer from HP Laptop syndrome. :/ :)
  8. mkbkr1

    mkbkr1 Well-Known Member

    If you are rooted and want more memory, you can move the dalvik to cache. I did this a few days ago and so far have not had any problems. Follow the link below to read more on it. This gave me about 60 megs more memory. The only drawback I've found so far is it will replace the LG boot screen with the Sprint boot screen and takes a little longer to boot.

    Optimus V -- Dalvik cache to /cache
  9. kc3

    kc3 Well-Known Member

    I think every good option to solve this problem requires a rooted phone lol
  10. ravenas

    ravenas Well-Known Member

    Am I not understanding this correctly?

    I installed Android Assistant (to control the boot audio) and have a Quick Boost button on my monitor screen. It allows me to free up used memory. So now I am using 156.82MB but have 267.52 free. I can also kill apps on command with the Processes tab.

    I've also been able to move most of my downloaded apps to my SD card just within Settings/Applications/Manage Applications. There's an option to move to SD for many of my downloaded apps: Kindle, Nook, Evernote, Amazon, Google Sky Maps, Angry Birds, etc.

    I've been worried about maxing out my space but so far no warnings.

    Am I doing something you guys aren't? Or are you noticing things I don't? I haven't been able to move the VM bloatware apps (Twidroid, Poynt, Virgin Mobile Live... who needs that?!) but my memory seems to be working ok.
  11. lizm

    lizm Well-Known Member

    Do you have your music and everything else on your SD card?

    I am aware that i have a lot less storage on the internal memory of this phone than I did on my incredible, but i still have 30 or so apps on here, a handful on SD, and space to spare.

    Maybe one/some is generating a ton of data, images, maps, something?
  12. young707

    young707 Well-Known Member

    In brief, if I am not rooting my new mobile at this time, I cannot move app to SD card, right?

    Also, I cannot delete useless bulky stuff like, AllShare & ThinkFreeOffice, to make room, without rooting?

    But where is the text file created by "Memo" that I can move to SD card?

    According to spec, my new Samsung Galaxy GT-i5800 has only 166MB of build in memory. No wonder, after just around 20 apps, its full. In particular, the "Angry Bird" games takes up lots of space.
  13. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    I think your posting in the wrong section of this forum,This is the virgin mobile optimus v section.
  14. young707

    young707 Well-Known Member

    Samsung Galaxy Android 2.1 are basically the same OS and basic hardware, or not?
  15. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    The OS in the lg optimus v is 2.2.1 the Hardware and firmware no,the firmware is for the particular service provider,the bloatware they add is different,so there is nothing in common between these 2 android phone.
  16. jj2me

    jj2me Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to uninstall a paid-for app, then somehow reload it later when/if needed?

    In PDA days, you just needed to tap in the key after a re-install. (The key was tied to your PDA's username and device type.) Anything similar for Android? Or does the place of purchase (Android Market or Amazon Appstore) simply remember your rights to purchased apps for eternity, like Amazon (and similar) does for Kindle (and other format) ebooks.

    This may be germane to many of us who have downloaded the similar apps Shazam and Soundhound from Amazon on the days when they were free. Delete one, but maybe in 6 months the other has a marvelous update that makes it better, so swap them.
  17. xrae

    xrae Well-Known Member

    @ravenas & @lizm

    I went through every installed app yesterday and just have several that I use that need to stay on the phone for whatever reason, including 3 Twitter apps (Twitdroyd -- which we're all stuck with, Plume, & Tweetcaster, because I'm trying to decide between the two).

    The Facebook app is 8.68mb and is on the phone (any good alternatives to that? Something that can be moved to SD card?)
  18. nexgenasian

    nexgenasian Well-Known Member


    I was looking with Elixir and found that the phone has 110 Megabytes of Rom set aside for the Cache partition (not cache for browser and stuff right? but probably for update and market installs I think) and that's way more space then necessary. Can I repartition my internal memory so that data get an extra 50 megs of that cache?
  19. ravenas

    ravenas Well-Known Member

    Yeah, dump Facebook entirely. Seriously hate that service. Who willingly posts so much personal information including known contacts to a service with such horrible privacy terms.

    Oh... you wanted a helpful response. ;) Sorry I'm new to this world. Haven't found any decent Facebook alternatives that work. I do have it on my phone (Ok I don't share as much as stalk my family occasionally) but moved everything else that wasn't nailed down to the SD card. Also upgraded to a 16GB MicroSD card today. I want to upload some videos to watch on the road.

    My memory usage seems fine, for now.
  20. lizm

    lizm Well-Known Member

    Yes. Your paid for status is tied to your gmail account so as long as you use the same one you're good. This is my second Droid phone and i had no trouble downloading the paid apps I had on my old one from the market to the new one.
  21. MrTweaker

    MrTweaker Well-Known Member

    I uninstalled my Facebook app and just use the mobile site on Skyfire. Works just about as good and saves a lot of precious phone memory.
  22. xrae

    xrae Well-Known Member

    I cannot get Facebook Mobile ( to work on Opera Mobile -- the comment buttons won't respond when I try to click them. I got it to work maybe once out of 50 tries. So ... either I'll ditch Opera in favor of another browser, or .... who knows.

    Tried Seesmic but it doesn't have the support for Facebook pages that I need. It won't let me use a FB page as the page itself -- any comments I make show from my personal account instead of the page. So Seesmic is out, too.
  23. lizm

    lizm Well-Known Member

    I don't use Twitter, but aren't there any Twitter apps that can be moved to your SD card?
  24. nexgenasian

    nexgenasian Well-Known Member

    I found some article about link2sd. Requires root i suppose and repartitioning

    link2sd install - Google Search

    Helped me out of a jam since the V only has 170 for install space.

    I did find a solution about using the cache as your dalvik-cache space, but it seemed a bit dangerous. doing so may free up 50 megs though.

    davlik to cache - Google Search

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