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  1. Mike6395

    Mike6395 New Member

    I have been reading about rooting my Galaxy S2 (AT&T) for days. Thanks for all of the info here. I'm trying to sort through all of the info, but I can't seem to get a good grip on a solution to what I want to do, so here goes.

    I want to root my phone so I can delete ATT navigator, Live TV, latitude and Facebook. These are all programs I never use, yet with any restart they begin running in the background. Sometimes they just start by themselves and I have to kill them manually, which irks me.

    I would also like to freeze WiFi hotspot. This little gem of a program is on by default so any restart of my phone means I have to dig and manually kill this app. This program almost made me return the phone as I was getting about 5-6 hours of charge on a battery with almost no use. (Literally 5-6 texts and 2 calls of less than 10 minutes with no blue tooth and wifi turned off meant I was at 30% battery). Luckily the salesperson found it and showed me how to kill it.

    After deleting the offending bloatware apps, I don't think I want to put on a custom ROM. I actually enjoy everything else about the OS after coming from iPhone 4. Maybe my next Android will have me installing custom ROM. Do I want to leave my phone rooted or return it back to unrooted status.

    Flashing kernels is still a foreign concept to me so I still need to do a bit more reading, but I don't want the large warning triangle every time I restart. I've read about a "jig" and other workarounds but those all seem difficult and complicated.

    SO, can I just root, delete and return to unroot? And is this something that "makes sense" or should I just leave it unrooted. And is there a ROM already out there that has all ATT bloat already deleted?

    Thanks in advance for any responses

  2. mickey4mice

    mickey4mice Well-Known Member

    Rooting just gives you access to the root directory so apps like TiBu can uninstall/freeze the bloats via the root permission granted by app SuperUser. You won't notice much performance difference except perhaps better battery life because some of the drainers are now frozen.

    Unroot means flashing back to 100% stock rom with all the bloat that come with the stock. If you want to get rid of the bloats you mentioned, you have to root and stay rooted.

    As for the triangle, I think most rooting methods posted on xda involve flashing custom kernel, so you'd see that little warning sign regardless how you root.

    You can use any rom on xda ATT S2 forum, they are all de-bloated and have much to offer than the stock. I'm currently on UnNamed rom and happy with it.
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  3. geomax45

    geomax45 Well-Known Member

    Look around in for rooting guides for your phone. You can root the stock kernel without affecting your flash counter. That means no yellow triangle! I did it a couple of weeks ago. I'm a complete idiot newb, and I did it easily. Ti Backup to freeze or delete what you can get rid of safely (there is a guide for what can be frozen/deleted), and you have left what you want.
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  4. calsax

    calsax Active Member

    You're on the right track, by learning what you are doing BEFORE you do it. Study the AT&T GS2 forums on xda. You can learn everything you need to know there. I know, because I did with my Galaxy. You can, indeed, root and flash kernals/ROMs without incrementing the flash counter. There is a very good thread in the General section of the xda AT&T GS2 forum on how. Sudyt, then follow the directions very carefully. You should have no problems!

    Once you are confortable with the concepts, read about the various ROMs that are ready for our phone. I am running the unnamed rom, and it is awesome! Just as smooth and trouble free as stock, but much better battery life, and a little bit better speed overall.

    Good luck!
  5. mratlndmrk

    mratlndmrk Well-Known Member

    Rooting seems like a huge deal (and it is until after the first time you do it) but once you've done it (I started on the Captivate) you will find it is a fairly straight forward process. My suggestion would be to research and then stick with one ROM so that you can keep up to date with just one thread on one ROM. For me it is Cognition 777 which is basically a stock ROM with the bloatware removed. The thread can be located on XDA.

    As for the jig....I had no idea about that either until I got the yellow triangle and decided to order one on Amazon. It cost me a total of $7.70 including shipping. You basically plug it in, let it do it's thing and it resets the flash counter and no more yellow triangle. This jig can also be used if something goes wrong (brick) at any time to get you back into download mode.

    Short of that you could try downloading "startup cleaner" from the market. It will close down the apps you want at each startup.


    I should add that the Cognition 777 ROM is a no wipe ROM which means that you don't lose your settings each time you flash it or it's upgrades. A very nice feature.
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  6. acp

    acp Well-Known Member

    Can you post a link to where you purchased the jig?
  7. mratlndmrk

    mratlndmrk Well-Known Member

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  8. geomax45

    geomax45 Well-Known Member

    Will that particular jig work with the i777 also?
  9. mratlndmrk

    mratlndmrk Well-Known Member

    Yes....that is what I have.
  10. shinigamimai

    shinigamimai Member

    hello see the second post for the real post, Thanks
  11. shinigamimai

    shinigamimai Member

    You can root the stock rom without flashing use SuperOneClickv2.2-ShortFuse from (select zergrush in the exploit drop down) this will root your phone with out flashing it this is not a tempoory root but a pemaroot it will install superuser and busybox at the same time then you can download root apps such titanium backup to git rid of the bloatware and others (note this method is for rooting stock rom and not intended for installing alt roms).
  12. acp

    acp Well-Known Member

  13. acp

    acp Well-Known Member

    got my jig today, removed battery, replaced battery, plugged in jig, 2 seconds later the yellow triangle was gone and the flash counter was reset.

    I'm impressed.
  14. acp

    acp Well-Known Member

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