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can I do this????Tips

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  1. Dubb76

    Dubb76 New Member

    Can I connect the other end of the usb cable from my hard drive to a wall outlet for power???
    I want to ask before I try it out!
    Thanks for your time!


  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Is that not how you normally charge your tablet?
  3. Dubb76

    Dubb76 New Member

    Not for charging sry!
    Ihave an external harddrive thats not powered, but it has 2 male usb ends on it... I was wonderingif I could plug one end into my tablet and one end to a wall outlet to powerthe harddrive?
  4. Dubb76

    Dubb76 New Member

    I wish I could post a pic!
    How many posts are required before I can post pics?
  5. Daviduk

    Daviduk Active Member

    I would think 1 usb is for data transfers and the other is for power. You should have a transformer to plug the usb into. There is no way you can plug a usb into a wall socket other than via a transformer. If you did you would fry your tablet.

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