Can I flash my Verizon LG-VS910 to Metro?

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  1. ConquerorHowie

    ConquerorHowie New Member

    Hi everyone, like the title says, Can I flash my Verizon LG-VS910 to Metro and have Internet, SMS and all?


  2. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    It's possible but you'll have to find someone who will do it for you as most metro stores won't. Look around.

    I haven't heard of anyone who can flash it 100% but you can get everything but 4G.

    Depending on where you live 3G may be enough for you. Though the highest anyone has gotten on metro 3g is 1.4mbps.
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  3. ConquerorHowie

    ConquerorHowie New Member

    Oh wow, only 1.4 mbps? Not was I was hoping to hear. So, I guess if I want to take advantage of that $55 unlimited plan I'll have to fork over the $$$ and pick up a Metro branded handset? Is there a handset that you'd recommend?

    Thanks for your quick and informative reply!
  4. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    Like I said this is what I've read around the forum and the net that you can't get 4G through flash. There may be someone who can do it. Again, look around.

    If you're going for a metro phone I recommend either getting the LG Motion which is an awesome phone for dirt cheap or waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is coming to metropcs either late this month or early next month.
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  5. ConquerorHowie

    ConquerorHowie New Member

    I've done a few Google searches and came to the same conclusion but, thought I'd ask as I may have missed something somewhere.

    I would so love to get the S3 but I'm hearing of starting price being in the mid to upper 6 bills. I love the phone and all but there's no way on Earth I'd every pay some much for a phone!!! LOL So, LG Motion, here I come :)

    Again, thanks for your guidance!
    Bless up!
  6. trigger1074

    trigger1074 Well-Known Member

    You wont be dissapointed...unless you need a larger screen
  7. WeekiAj

    WeekiAj Active Member

    highest 3G speed i've personally seen was around 2.5mpbs in Port Charlotte , FL - 4G Speeds there were pretty crazy to , around 8-10MBPS

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