Can I get data from my broken phone (screen only)General

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  1. Riva

    Riva New Member

    Hi - after some help please - I have the samsung galaxy s and have just broken the screen..... like a dingbat I saved some pictures on the phone which I'd like to get before I send it off for repairs..... Is there anyway of getting the data from there onto a pc without being able to use the touch screen??

  2. JiMMaR

    JiMMaR Well-Known Member

    if you can see the screen and not use it , then go into recovery mode [power btn + vol up + home]
    and use vol up / vol down to navigate and pow to chose

    I think you can mount the phone from there
    or maybe you'd have to look into using adb
  3. antoeknee

    antoeknee Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't just connecting to PC and using Kies do this?

    No need to use the phone screen.
  4. TheCompBoy

    TheCompBoy Well-Known Member


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