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  1. ProblemChild

    ProblemChild New Member

    Hi, Im new to all this (phones and forums). But I was wondering how to get full internet access on my Galaxy ace as opposed to accessing mobile sites. For example Facebook. It doesnt matter if I access it via Facebook mobile or through the internet icon. I still get a watered down version of the site. I want to be able to do my gifts and click on some of my facebook game links ,rather just be able to like and comment etc.
    Is there a way of doing this via my phone.Do I need another browser? Or did I get the wrong phone lol?
    Im sorry if something similar has already been posted on this site but I couldnt see anything except for some advice for a different phone,which I assumed wont work for me.

  2. XploitZ

    XploitZ Well-Known Member

    i dont have facebook and i never had one but it seems to me you want to play games on facebook which i think needs flash and ace dont have built in not even sure if an apps called skyfire would support it
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  3. ProblemChild

    ProblemChild New Member

    Mmmm? Thanks. I only found there was no flash by looking around on here. the guy in the shop assured me I could play facebook games . Thats the main reason I upgraded or I wouldnt have bothered otherwise. Seeing as Im paying for internet allowance I want use it for a bit more than watching youtube on the youtube app all day everyday lol.
    Ive had a look at skyfire and I might give it a try. I used the video checker and it couldnt find flash in the particular game I wanted to play. So its worth a try I think. Im well aware that theres no way I could access Zynga games under any circumstance. The flash crashes on the pc with these at the best of times never mind a mobile lol.

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    [url=http:Mafia Returns on Facebook |
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    Thanks for your help and I'll let you know if I have any success.
  4. ProblemChild

    ProblemChild New Member

    Yes oh yes oh yes. Thank You sooo much. XploitZ. It did work at least for the particular game I wanted to play. I dont think anyone could play the likes of farmville but if they can compromise
  5. gpt.dhiraj

    gpt.dhiraj Member

    skyfire only support video streaming it is no subsititute for flash u should try puffin browser it somehow supports flash fully on arm v6 processors like ace { i think they got early arm 6 versions of flash which were nt published} though frame rate is crap but ive seen people having nice internet speeds getting it to work very well
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