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Can I get rid of older backups?Support

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  1. wncken

    wncken Well-Known Member

    Looking through my files earlier, I noticed in the backup folder in clockworkmod four backups.
    The first is 2012-04-18-11.08.18 with six files totalling well over 1gb.
    The last is 2012-08-14-05.08.16 and only contains three files totalling about 750MB.
    Can I get rid of the first (oldest) three? Good Lord, I could free up gigs of space! I was wondering where it all went!


  2. wncken

    wncken Well-Known Member

    Okay, found it! I copied the most recent three to my pc, kept the most recent backup on the tp and then went into ROM manager and deleted the oldest three. Just got 7GB free!
  3. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    You can easily manage them from Rom Manager or Rom Toolbox. Rom Toolbox will also manage TWRP backups.

    You have to be careful of devices that have a "blob" folder in them (CWM v 6.x) since they're an incremental backup, (backup only files that have changed since the last backup). They need the previous backup.

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