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Can I get the OTA update while running SRE 1.2.2?Tips

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  1. brefmint

    brefmint Member

    My Captivate is running SRE 1.2.2. It is overclocked and the lagfix is installed. Each time I try to check for the update I get a connection error message. Do I need to flash with ODIN back to stock to get the update? Or just wait for it to get pushed to me? Is it even worht it?


  2. Rhiannon224

    Rhiannon224 Well-Known Member

    Flash back to stock with Odin.
    [STOCK ROM] Odin3 One-Click Downloader and Drivers CAPTIVATE ONLY - xda-developers
    Then grab mini Kies and do the update that way, don't even try to get the OTA, once you have flashed anything custom and use Odin to flash back to stock, the update fails. Even people that have not done any modding to their phones had the OTA fail and brick their phones. This update is through Samsug and I found connecting to Kies mini easy, I never used the European version of Kies. Read the link from XDA.
    [HOWTO] Update to JH7 using Kies Mini (USA) - xda-developers
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  3. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Modified kernels and ROMs aren't supported by the standard OTA updates. If you're lucky, they can fail... if you're unlucky, they can try to install anyway with unpredictable (and unfortunate) results.

    When you decide to play with ROMs, you forfeit the standard OTA updates and basically agree to get your future updates from the same hacking community.

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