can i have some advice about my transform ultra?

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  1. jimmyjames37

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    Hey everybody, this is my first post in the android forum, but to get to the point, i recently rooted my transform ultra, and now a few days later... when i remove it from the charger it starts beeping on and off and acts like it is still charging but with a broken cord. when it is plugged in it seems to be fine, but when i unplug it it just continuously beeps and the charging LED light flickers on and off... has anybody experienced this? and what do i do?
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  2. niteNarmor

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    I have read recently about another user with the same problem. Our advice to them was a new USB cord. As the rooting process has nothing to with the charging aspect of it.

    If you type @Samsung transform ultra in search column you should be able to find the thread.

    Just on case here it is

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