Can I import contacts from an excel file, and not through gmail account?Support

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  1. havitush

    havitush New Member

    Hey everyone. Trying to import contacts from an xls file into the android.

    I exported an excel file containing names and phone numbers from my old phone.
    I dont want to import it to gmail but only to import it directly to my Desire.
    And idea how to do so?

  2. spile

    spile Well-Known Member

    I use Outlook to do this but you could import the contacts into Google Contacts , sync and remove them from Google.
  3. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    In Excel you could your contacts save as .csv file.
    The Desire (in People app) can import .csv from the SD card.

    EDIT: A better way is to install MyPhone Explorer (app on phone, host on PC).
    Import the Excel file directly to the MyPhone Explorer and sync the Desire with MyPhone Explorer. You can sync via USB or WiFi (I use WiFi :) )

  4. JoseCuervo

    JoseCuervo New Member

    I have a samsung admire and have a saved contact list in an excel .csv file.

    1. How do I "Import the Excel file directly to the MyPhone Explorer"?
    2. Can I import 30,000 numbers to it?
    3. I know I can text from myphoneexplorer to multiple people at once, but is it possible to send 30,000 text at once from it? (send a text blast)

  5. d2g

    d2g New Member

    Hey Harry 2
    on your advice I've downloaded and installed "myphoneexplorer" on phone & desktop. however, I can't find any sort of option for importing excel spreadsheets or anything for that matter (yes, I have looked)
    I tried to look at the forum on myphoneexplorer, aber, Ich kann nicht deutsch zare gut sprechen.

    please advise

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