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Can i import my facebook contact's phone numbers?

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    ALIHISGREAT Well-Known Member

    So i was quite surprised to see that the facebook integration on the tattoo doesn't extend to importing Facebook Contact's phone numbers.

    and the only way i know of to get them is through adding a 'live folder' to the homescreen through the official facebook app found on other android phones but not the tattoo :(

    Any ideas?

  2. unofficialitguy

    unofficialitguy Active Member

    If you can download the official FB app akp file and install it manually, you can get the livefolder on the Tattoo. I has it :)

    ALIHISGREAT Well-Known Member

    Do you know where i can download the app? oh and it can't be from the official marketplace because for some reason i can't download anything of the android market... :mad:

    this phone is really starting to get on my nerves....
  4. unofficialitguy

    unofficialitguy Active Member

    I'll have to post my how-to get apps video later when I get some time to make it and source everything out properly. Until that, there is a link to it on Rapidshare
  5. SlowMoe

    SlowMoe Active Member

    Thanks mate... I'll give it a try! :)

    ALIHISGREAT Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the link, just downloaded it direct to my Tattoo after messing round trying to get HTC sync connected for half an hour :rolleyes:

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