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Can i increase the RAM of my phone?General

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  1. hollow91

    hollow91 New Member

    Is it possible to increase the RAM of my phone?
    I want to make it running more smooth...share please...thanks :)

  2. aish_varya

    aish_varya Well-Known Member


    If you buy a new phone with more memory and name it "my phone", then probably yes :)
  3. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

  4. aktifit

    aktifit Well-Known Member

    why is that so funny? my netbook has a swap partition to extend memory (also called virtual memory), so why shouldn't my phone be able to do that?
  5. xfifteen

    xfifteen Member

    I already googled that before. You could install something on your rooted phone which will allow you to set some memory of your SD-card aside as 'virtual memory'.

    Then again, there are people who say you don't really notice a difference and it gets your SD-card worn out faster.
  6. aish_varya

    aish_varya Well-Known Member

    there are different kinds of memory for different purposes

    1. Cache Memory (inside processor)
    2. RAM
    3. other storage purpose memories like hard disk, SD card, DVDs etc

    Cache memory:- works MIGHTY MIGHTY MIGHTY fast, so as to fetch instructions to the processor from RAM

    RAM:- little less fast(than cache) but still MIGHTY fast, purpose is to act as buffer between "storage memory" and Cache memory.

    Hence purpose of ram is to quickly fetch data both ways IN n OUT of processor which cannot be substituted by virtual memory. Anyways virtual memory will be your SD card which is not even 1/100th the speed at which RAM operates.

    Cheers :cool:
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  7. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    i dunno why im getting so many LOL'S out of this thread, but all i can see in my head is that sheldon guy from the big bang theory helping people out at that computer store he doesn't work at. :D :D :D
  8. aktifit

    aktifit Well-Known Member

    why do i think you didn't answer the question?

    i know how a computer works in general, so explaining cache, ram and hard disks doesn't really solve anything.

    so does my processor use all of the allocated RAM? correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think so because afaik android only kills apps if you back out, not if you exit by pressing the menu button. so i wouldn't really care if that were stored on a swap partition.

    just so you know, i don't think swap partitions make sense (because those 280mb of RAM seem sufficient for me, so i just wouldn't bother), but either say you don't know the answer or give a good one (not lol omfg so stoopid srsly doode never bin to school, ay?), there are already enough fake facts flying around in the interwebs and everywhere else.

    here you get a proper discussion about it Why Android Swap Doesn’t Make Sense Zero Credibility
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  9. Tanzillitary

    Tanzillitary New Member

    I wanna increase my RAM size as well, my RAM size is 180mb and it is SLOW. I have rooted my phone and want to increase the size, also having rooted my phone, it should give me privileges to access the "read-only files" and edit them. There should be a way to edit the RAM size to increase it.
  10. PJ147

    PJ147 Well-Known Member

    Its slow because of a number of factors. The main reason is when the phone came out (beginning of last year) the hardware was out of date then. 800mhz processor (armv6) etc. The RAM is not something you can edit. It is a physical amount installed in the phone. Increasing it would not nesiccarily increase speed either. In normal use your phone has free ram anyway so adding more would only just add to the free (available) amount.
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