Can i install Khmer unicode font (Cambodian font) on my GalaxySupport

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  1. vsokha

    vsokha New Member

    Hi All,
    Do you know how to install Khmer unicode font on Galaxy tab? Please show me how to do it.

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  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums, vsokha.

    Here is a link to a web site which specializes in the Khmer unicode font as applied to Android and other devices:

    Khmer Unicode and Android OS --- [ Nokorsoft: Fix Khmer Unicode for Mac, PC and mobile phones ]

    That particular issue seems to be a new one, so it is a work in progress, perhaps you can get involved and help them perfect things for the Galaxy Tab by testing and doing bug reports for them.

    Good luck. Please return to Android Forums and report how things are going so that others may benefit. :)
  3. Samnang

    Samnang Member

    It has no way yet to get khmer unicode on android due bug report by developer but we still remove the block sqare by doing so.
    1. Root your device by using Z4Root (google to find it)
    2. Download Khmer unicode ttf file and save to any location in your tab (if you can't find where to download you can copy this ttf font file from your pc "Khmer OS.ttf")
    3. Download and install Root Explorer (google to find it) run this root explorer and copy your downloaded khmer os.ttf file to paste in system/font "make sure that you have touch mount R/W before touch PASTE
    -after copy this ttf file then cut or delete one of the file DroidSanFallBack or DroidArabic from the font folder.
    -rename Khmer OS.ttf to DroidSandallback.tff or Droidarabic.ttf

    I just know that is using Limon font so you can repeat the step #2 by copy Limon S1 file to system/font and delete AndroisThai.ttf from the system/font then rename your copied limon s1.ttf to AndroidSTHAI.TTF

    DONE and enjoy

    Come again if you can't root your device. Do at your own risk..
  4. new_user

    new_user New Member

    hi, i am a new android user.
    why i can not change the the user to user root, just only when i stay in root folder is ok, but when i go to system folder, i cannot change to R/W. it shows only R/O. that's why i cannot copy font to paste.
  5. new_user

    new_user New Member

    I have tried to follow your step, but i cannot to.
    in root folder, it can be changed R/W to R/O back and falls, but when i go further, it cannot be.
    so what can i do?:rolleyes:
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  6. Samnang

    Samnang Member

    Ok try to remove both (z4root & root explorer) from your device and reboot
    make sure you have copy khmer os.ttf & limon S1.ttf file to your tab.
    1. Install Z4Root but do not run it yet
    2. Install Root Explorer
    3. Run Z4Root and root your device as temporary root when you will see a message that your device is rooted until reboot (do not reboot your tab otherwise your tab will unrooted)
    4. Run Root Explorer go to folder where khmer os & limon s1 font is stored then touch and hold on one of them (in my example I touch and hold on khmer os.ttf then select copy)
    Go back to root folder then system/fonts touch on mount R/W then paste the font to this folder
    Delete an unused font DroidSanSArabic.ttf then rename khmer os.tff to DroidSanSArabic.tff
    5. Repeat step 4 to overwrite limon s1.ttf with DroidSansThai.tff
    6. Download Mozilla Firefox from the market and enjoy your web surfing

    I have done this with own tab and friends' tab with a issue.
  7. forpersonal

    forpersonal New Member

    Hi Samnang,

    I have followed your instrution every steps... but I still have issue to past new fonts "KhmerOS.ttf" or "Limon S1.ttf" to the derectory /system/fonts.

    system/fonts is in R/W permission.

    please help,



  8. SteelBird

    SteelBird New Member

    I have the same problem here. When pasting new font to the system/font folder, nothing happens.
  9. Sakada

    Sakada New Member

    I follow every steps even mounting R/W. But still i cannot see khmer in DAP news. Any idea???
  10. Samnang

    Samnang Member

    Hi all,

    Sorry for being quiet for few weeks,

    Okey, please bear in mind that DAP-News and Kohsantepheap are using the Limon S1 font not Khmer OS (khmer unicode).

    As you've mentioned that you can mount R/W then it's meaning that your device is rooted

    Ok let try this again.

    Download this font, extract and copy to your device.

    Using Root Explorer to delete DroidSansArabic & DroidSansThai from /system/fonts (make sure you mount R/W)

    Go to the font folder that you have downloaded and copy one by one DroidSansArabic & DroidSansThai to /system/fonts
    Download Mozilla firefox from the market then reboot your tab. Done.

    I have done this many time with my tab (Froyo 2.2) and few of my friends' tab, HTC Legend and Samsung Galaxy S also no issue.

    Now I am searching to root my Nexus S GingerBread (2.3.4)
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  11. Samnang

    Samnang Member

    Default browser won't viewable for the khmer font so you have to download Mozilla Firefox or Dophin browser.
  12. bee_kh

    bee_kh New Member

    It work on Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i os 2.1?
  13. rule

    rule New Member

    can this be done with wifi xoom? thx

    Motorola Wifi Xoom
    Unlock and Rooted
    Android 3.1
    Kernel Launchpad 1.2
    BigDX Xoom Green theme/boot animation
  14. Samnang

    Samnang Member

    I think it would work for all rooted android.
  15. sothea

    sothea New Member

    Hi, I did as you instruction, and it's completet.
    But when I view website like, the font unicode is not correct and not in order as in PC view.
    Pls help!
  16. Samnang

    Samnang Member

    Hi, This is just replaced font not full functioning of Unicode while there has no development yet.
  17. Sakada

    Sakada New Member

    Hi why i can't mouth r/w. when i paste it say it r/o only.
  18. thanhvv

    thanhvv New Member

    I am using rooted Galaxy tab 7". I follow your instruction but can not delete DroidSans Arabic & DroidSansThai files in System\Fonts. Could you help me please.

  19. tesenghong

    tesenghong New Member

    Did it development the functioning of unicode yet? I used the Samsung galaxy tab P1000 update to gingerbread 2.3.3, I have follow your instruction and then succeed, But it's not completely shown.
    Waiting for your replay...

  20. Kong_Chenda

    Kong_Chenda New Member

    ok i have a problem with my phone Samsung Galaxy s can't see khmer Unicode so i want you explain me about this problem thank you before..
  21. moengmey

    moengmey New Member

    After root it, u should download Mount System (rw/ro) and Root Browser (free in market). Install and run Mount System and press Mount r/w. Then Run Root Browser and enjoy copy/past for that Font n restart ur phone. It works on my Galaxy tab P1000. :)

    But after install this it will show khmer font but vowel not work. :( add my fb tov ban kerj rub font neng hery :( Mey Moeng(fb)
  22. moengmey

    moengmey New Member

    Mayb should have Keyboard for Khmer unicode muy tert merl tov:D pros ban trem ta merl :( and merl ot dach doch type khmer unicode in photoshop jeng, ot jerng ot dai
  23. Samnang

    Samnang Member

    Download Phum Keyboard from market then you will able to type khmer but bare in mind that the font is not fully render due to no script for unicode.
    Download Khmum Browser it give you full view of khmer font for all website
  24. Pharin

    Pharin New Member

    Dear samnang,

    Would pls let us know how to install Khmer unicode on Galaxy Note..


  25. rithan

    rithan New Member

    Can i do that for android phone?

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