Can I install Vanilla Android on it?Support

  1. jfbaro

    jfbaro Well-Known Member


    I think this phone is the best one on the market regarding hardware, but I am a bit concerned about its software.

    I have a N1 and if I can put Froyo (when Froyo gets released) without all that crap Samsung adds up to it I'd buy one.

    Even better if I could have Cyanogen 6 (which will probably be based on Froyo).

    So, any news about rooting this phone?


  2. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    Might wanna wait until it's released here in the US, otherwise it's going to be pretty rare that people will know answers to these questions. ;)
  3. Evil Peter

    Evil Peter Well-Known Member

    As far as I've heard people have started to prepare for a root with the source code released by Samsung but I would not expect it to be available right away when I get the phone.

    In my view the main thing to worry about with Samsungs software is just if you like the GUI or not. If you don't there are several custom launchers you can install instead. For example ADW Launcher seems to have very good performance and a lot of nice customization options, plus it looks a bit like standard FroYo.
  4. elchingon666

    elchingon666 Well-Known Member

    Keep an eye on XDA Developer's site, they have a Galaxy S i9000 section up now.

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