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  1. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    Im thinking about buying an Alpine car stereo with bluetooth support. Will I be able to stream music from my Droid through my car speakers without an aux cable?

  2. Fadelight

    Fadelight Well-Known Member

  3. Tiggercat

    Tiggercat Member

    And for those without Bluetooth in their stereo, you can also use something like the Motorola T505.
  4. aaron19953

    aaron19953 Well-Known Member

    You "can" do this yes.. By why spend money on a good stereo to only use low quality BT sound ?

    I'm looking for a decent head unit with a rear RCA aux in for my wifes car. I've already disconnected my pioneer XM module in my car and hooked my phone up this way..

    The audio from the phone gets ported into the stereo, and when a phone call comes in, the music is muted and the callers voice played on my car speakers.. I'm just using the mic that's in the phone, till i find a better mic to plug in..

    Just my $0.02

    -=< aaron >=-
  5. Fadelight

    Fadelight Well-Known Member

    I see someone hasn't been keeping up with all the geeky tech-news lately. :D I have some great news to bring you up to speed.

    The AD2P currently limits data transfer rates to 768kbps... whereas CD Losless audio quality is 1.411 MBPS. Therefore, you are correct... BT is lossy.

    ... For now.

    BT 2.1 + EDR allows a theoretical transfer rate of 3.0mbps, which means our hardware supports lossless audio transfer. The current bottleneck is software/firmware based. They have been working toward alleviating this bottleneck for a while now, so I wouldn't think they would be too far off at this point.

    Furthermore, on April 4, 2009, Bluetooth SIG adopted BT 3.0+HS. This supports a (Theoretical) transfer rate of 24mbps. That's fast enough for relatively decent video streaming capability.

    So... times will be changing soon enough. :)
  6. MSU

    MSU Well-Known Member

    my stock stereo doesn't have anything and I was going to get a new deck, but then saw Best Buy selling a Fm transmitter for $39.99. Went on ebay and got the same one for $6.50 shipped. Works just fine and I listen to pandora all day when in car. There is times where it will get a little static, but that could be from bad channel. Just wished the sound was a little better.
  7. clos1084

    clos1084 Well-Known Member

    I do as well. Works great too.

    My setup is a Pioneer AVH 6800DVD & bluetooth adapter. Works so much better than my iPhone, it would skip with Pandora and the phone would never remember the HU
  8. aaron19953

    aaron19953 Well-Known Member

    Hey clos, someone from delaware !.. haha..
  9. sdyoyo

    sdyoyo New Member

    I have an older alpine xda-001 and I use the kce-400bt and BT stereo works great, I use it with Slacker and Pandora and love it.
  10. Fadelight

    Fadelight Well-Known Member

    Do you mean ida-X001? If so... that is a great headunit. Not that old, though. Maybe two years. The kce-400bt is about two version newer than the BT unit that was created for it, which was the 300bt. the 300bt and 350bt units were so insanely problematic that most people would recommend against buying them, so I am very glad to hear the 400bt is better!
  11. meekrab

    meekrab Well-Known Member

    I'm using the RCA Jack on my old jvc kameleon. It sounds excellent. Pandora is a viable replacement for sat radio this way.
  12. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the answers everyone. I know the sound quality isn't going to be perfect, but the speakers in my car are kind of bleh anyways, and I can't afford new speakers with the new deck right now.

    I would just prefer to use the BT to transmit music from my phone rather than the Aux input, because I don't want cables running all over the car whenever I'm listening to music, and I already have to use the car charger on occasion when I have the GPS going.
  13. sdyoyo

    sdyoyo New Member

    Oops yeah it's the ida-X001, got it in 2007 and still works great , thank God I waited to buy the bluetooth adapter until the 400BT came out, and it works great, only thing had to buy a special adapter for the x001 since it was a couple years older...
  14. julie.tidwell

    julie.tidwell New Member

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