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Can I port Avatar and Sims 3 to my Vibrant?

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  1. shaahinjjj

    shaahinjjj Well-Known Member

    Hi All,
    I was wondering if it's possible to get the avatar movie and sims 3 from another vibrant and put it on mine.

  2. aeok18109

    aeok18109 Active Member

    No for avatar. If you accidentally deleted it than its gone. You can try getting tmo to restore it but I doubt it. Dunno bout Sims.
  3. LegionnaireZ

    LegionnaireZ Member

    It's quite funny, I moved the Avatar movie from the included SDcard over to a bigger card that i just had, in the exact same spot that it was in on the included 2Gb. But the little Avatar Icon doesnt locate the file, or ask you where you might have relocated it. Would be nice if it did.

    I simply went to the Media Player and you can play it there, but no more Shortcut Icon.

    If you've deleted it, good luck. Hope you haven't emptied your recycle bin. I'm sure someone on here (including me) can resend you the file. It's only 1.9Gb shouldnt take too long to P2P.
  4. shaahinjjj

    shaahinjjj Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply. Actually I never had it on my phone because i got my phone from Bell in Canada, so there was whole bunch of other stuff on it. I've been hearing about how great the movie looks on the phone that's why i wanted to download it. It would be great if you sent it to me. here's my email: shaahin.flamenco@gmail
  5. Codester3388

    Codester3388 Member

    So is each Avatar movie copy protected for each phone? I have the Vibrant9 ROM and don't have the avatar icon anymore but its still in my files app and plays fine.
  6. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    No, as I understand it, the DRM for Avatar is per model, so anybody can copy their Avatar movie file to any other device and play it, as long as it's a Vibrant. I'll transfer it to my friend's Captivate to make sure it's Vibrant only, not Galaxy S only.

    Same goes for Sims 3 I believe. If you have the .apk file for it, you should be able to install it on your Vibrant just fine.

    As for transfering it to a larger SD card, you need to put it inside of a folder named "Movie" on the root of your addon card. The home screen icon will then play it just fine, as it's only a shortcut to "Movie/Avatar.dcf" on your SD card. You could even encode a totally different movie as a .dcf file, name it "Avatar.dcf", and the icon would play it if it was inside of the "movie" folder.
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  7. aeok18109

    aeok18109 Active Member

    So what your saying is for the dorks who got rid of the movie somehow all they need to do is copy it off someone else who has a vibrant and there good? I don't care about the icon. I just wanna play it again.
  8. LegionnaireZ

    LegionnaireZ Member

    Sorry for the late reply, i've been dealing with networking issues in the house (FUN!) Somehow my router has taken a dump.

    I'll email the file to you, however it's 1.9 gigs, for some reason i have my doubts that it will allow me to send.

    *edit* excuse me 1.4gigs. didnt want you to freak out when you see the file size possibly thinking you have a corrupt file.

    It's pretty much straight from my Vibrant.
  9. LegionnaireZ

    LegionnaireZ Member

    yep, just as i thought. Email will not allow me to send that large a file to you. I'm uploading to 4shared now, stand by. Will update once complete
  10. GalaxyS_Superphone112

    GalaxyS_Superphone112 Well-Known Member

    Is that movie in 720p or 1080p or something lower ? I have the avatar movie on mine but I manually put it there and its in 720p so if yours is as well I'll put that one in since its a smaller size
  11. Ricard350

    Ricard350 New Member

    I would love to get my hand on the original quality version of that movie since I also got a Vibrant from Canada. Would be nice to show this to ppl at work. :)
  12. LegionnaireZ

    LegionnaireZ Member

    Hi Everyone,

    sorry for the late response, dealing with family issues.

    Eitherway, i believe it's a 720p movie. Don't quote me, as i "believe" i either read that or heard that somewhere. Since i can't remember the source to link to, i won't say it for certian. However, 1.9gig file is more than sufficient to have in high quality. I have several AVI, MKV, and whatever else file type in audio/video that are comparable quality and around the same size. Some are significantly larger though, for instance i have a Mission Impossible 3 video that is 10gigs. Therefore i cant fit it on my phone. lol.

    This rapid share/ file transfer server crap is giving me issues, not sure why. I have several other methods of transferring files, but all of which require you to install software. First choice is the least invasive Yahoo! IM, then Teamviewer (i take control of your desktop. so i bet alot of ppl wont like that one...lol)

    So if you do want it and i still have issues with rapidshare or you are too anxious to wait for me to get done fighing with rapidshare, add me on yahoo, be sure to leave a message letting me know where you got my ID at, and i'll send the file that way.

  13. shaahinjjj

    shaahinjjj Well-Known Member

  14. LegionnaireZ

    LegionnaireZ Member

    again... sorry for the delay... your file is waiting...
  15. bigdeaz

    bigdeaz New Member

  16. jemarent

    jemarent New Member

    Did you try it on the captivate? I have a epic but I really want the video on my sgs. Thanks
  17. LegionnaireZ

    LegionnaireZ Member

    i just happen to have an epic right next to me... i'll port it over and see if it works... post back in a minute

    big deaz:

    you will need a yahoo ID to use Yahoo messenger, i cannot email you the file due to the size.


    no the avatar.dcf file does not work on the epic i have, then again there is no service connected to it. it asks to unlock the file after appearing that it is trying to play it, but i cannot unlock the file. you can try it if you want.
  18. jemarent

    jemarent New Member

    I've been told that there is another file to launch the movie. Ill have to look up the discussion to find the file name. Are you using stock video player cause I use mvideo almost alway. Its a great palyer that just got a much neexed updatge. I hvea ftp site you can upload it to. Do you use dropbox. That a easy way to send stuff from phone to phone
  19. Rlnieman

    Rlnieman New Member

    Hi, has anyone been able to get it back? I am one of the morons that formatted my sd card and lost the movie. I went to tmobile because I read somewhere else that you could use someone elses card and copy it back onto your phone but they told me if they took their sd card out it would erase the movie :(
    So now I don't have the movie and never had a chance to watch it. Is it lost forever?
  20. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    I did not exactly read through the entire thread but it is very much possible to copy or move the movie from the crappy 2GB sdcard the phone comes with to another one. I just did it with mine and it works great. I even backed up the movie in case something should ever happen to the sdcard it self.

    I am also uploading it to my website for those whom may of lost it or in some cases had formatted the sdcard without realizing the movie was on it. Drop me a PM and I will send anyone a link to who needs it, from the time of this post it has about 22 minutes left to upload to my website.
  21. Zdeamon

    Zdeamon New Member

    Hey Im new to this site so I don't know how to pm you and I would also like your website so I can get the movie if you still have it I would be grateful.
  22. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    It's in my signature. And btw its not linked on the website anymore. If you want the link to the file you will have to send me a Private Message on our forum since I do not check this site very often (only a couple times per month or so).

    EDIT: Well its supposed to be in my signature.

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