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Can I prevent KitKat upgrade?Support

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  1. MsJinnifer

    MsJinnifer Member

    Hi am planning to buy an Xperia Z1 C because my Nexus 4 is draining and heating up aftrer the KitKat upgrade. The Xperia looks perfect but I have read that the same problems are happening after KitKat is installed. If I buy a phone running JellyBean is there any way of preventing KitKat from arriving? I'd prefer not to root the phone -- it sounds scary! Thanks:)

  2. SavageRobot

    SavageRobot Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums,
    I believe upgrades are optional, not mandatory. When you plug the phone into PC suit it will say there is an update available but you can just ignore it, and if the update is available OTA you will have a notification saying so, but you can turn the notifications off in the Update Centre.
    As I understand, I think the problems are hit and miss from person to person. I think there is a new update due out soon which should hopefully fix any bugs.
    How long has the Nexus been updated? Could just be teething problems that will diminish after a few charges? If not have you tried a factory reset (after backing up)? I think (someone could correct me if I'm wrong) but sometimes when updated, especially if done OTA, I think problems can occur if not wiped too. Don't know if it's remains of old firmware or what.
    Rooting can be daunting but if you do bite the bullet and give it a go it opens up a lot of doors with the phone and makes customising basically limitless. Plus there will always be helpful chaps here that can help with any issues you run into. I have run into problems several times on couple of phones but worst I have done is soft bricked it and had it back up and running in no time (though I don't mind saying first couple time I was sweating :D). But as you will see everywhere, rooting runs risks and isn't for everyone but I think if you keep the bootloader locked I believe warranty is still valid (and I think can usually be recovered anyway).
  3. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    Often you have to be quick to turn off auto OTA updates as they are normally switched on by default abit like playstore updates.
  4. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    I'm on Kitkat and haven't noticed any overheating.

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