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Can I re-root my HTC Droid Eris?

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  1. evenmoreconfused

    evenmoreconfused New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 23, 2010
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    I recently rooted my droid eris (stock 2.1) with the 1 click root for eris app. I used the Eris Market Fix app and it told me to restart my phone, and I did. Well when my phone came back on, there was a big x over the signal bars, it stayed that way for over 24 hours even after two hard resets. I followed the steps on http://androidforums.com/474953-post1.html to get my Eris unrooted and back to 1.5 as a last resort, and well I got my signal back! Now when I instal certain apps it says "Cannot instal "app name" on this phone. Apps like Days Until and the Eris Rooter app. I'm just wondering if it's adviasable to re-root my phone again and/or how to get those apps to work with my phone again? If it's advisable to re-root my phone could somebody give me a complete dummies guide to doing the root, I've tried over 10 websites, popular ones and I don't understand the terms being used, so I'm asking for the guide to be really thorough and if it uses terms at least explain what they are. And can anyone try and help me understand why my phone lost signal for 24 hours until reverting back to 1.5? Thank you very much! I'm sorry if this exact problem has been addressed before I spent hours goign through a crap load of threads finding NOTHING useful so I resorted to this.


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