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Can I read or export SMS messages without using touchscreen? My touchscreen stopped working...Support

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  1. Littlepug

    Littlepug New Member

    Hello, my phone started to act weird every since I connected it to a Macbook with Sony bridge for Mac installed. Since then the touchscreen started to be unresponsive, an "@" sign keeps appearing at the top left corner of the screen and there seems to be more apps running in the background. Now the touchscreen is completely unresponsive and I can't access any of the menus. The hard buttons still work though.

    I have received a few texts since the touchscreen died - how can I read those texts without using the touchscreen? Can I export all my text messages via USB maybe?

    Obviously after I back up my SMS texts I'll fix the touchscreen :)


  2. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    If you could install and configure AirDroid it would be cool....but you can't do anything if the touch screen doesn't work

    Connect to a windows PC and run the PC companion to reset the entire phone....hope you did a backup at some point.

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