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  1. chuhsi

    chuhsi Well-Known Member

    I couldn't find an answer from search...

    Can I remove the lock screen function from my phone? I don't want my phone to have a screen lock. Just want to hit the power button (or any button) and have it turn on to whatever app was last open.

    I'm currently rooted with Fresh and Gumbo if it matters.

  2. Scorp63

    Scorp63 Member

    I'm not sure if you can disable the lock screen function. I hated it for about the first 30 minutes when I first got my hero (Side note: I'm not rooted) and used to think it was annoying, but you get over it. It only takes a good half second once you get onto it to unlock it. Don't have to worry about 10,000 apps running up accidently either.
  3. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Menu - settings - security

    Make sure the first box is empty.
  4. chuhsi

    chuhsi Well-Known Member

    First option box I have on that menu is "require pattern." Am I looking at the wrong place?

    I don't want a lock screen at all where I have to slide the screen down to use the phone.
  5. dmm5157

    dmm5157 Well-Known Member

    Just hitting the MENU button twice will unlock your phone, no swiping needed. It's only one more button press and will accomplish what you're asking. Just make sure you don't have the security pattern on.
  6. chuhsi

    chuhsi Well-Known Member

    I currently press the menu button twice to unlock the phone...that's what I'm trying to remove. Is this possible?
  7. Scorp63

    Scorp63 Member

    I did not know this, this proves to be quite useful.

    As for disabling it, I'm pretty sure there is no way.
  8. BFHammer

    BFHammer Member

    You can remove it, the problem is the shortcut keys of menu phone will have your phone butt dialing. I found that out in the first hour I had it when it called someone 5 times from my hip pouch. So I enabled the lockout to prevent that. The sheer stupidity of a touch screen that has a quick boot like that makes no sense.
  9. chuhsi

    chuhsi Well-Known Member

    how did you remove it??

    i'm ok with butt dialing
  10. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    This will disable the pattern for the lock screen. As mentioned above, you can just hit menu twice to get passes the slide down lock screen.
  11. dmm5157

    dmm5157 Well-Known Member

  12. Droidone

    Droidone Well-Known Member

  13. chuhsi

    chuhsi Well-Known Member

    I couldn't figure out how to do the lockscreen removal on the "share how you use your screens" thread so I paid $1.50 for keyguard disabler. LOVE it!
  14. gr8cut

    gr8cut Member

    When the phone turns on for what ever reason, You only need to hit the MENU button once to unlock it.
  15. manoosie

    manoosie Member

    When I hit menu twice the menu options come up. Anyway to just hit menu twice without this happening?
  16. williamdox

    williamdox New Member

    I am the reverse I love my screen lock and sometimes it stops working and the only way to get it back is to restart my Hero. Am I hitting some wrong button or something?
  17. inivux

    inivux New Member

    There is an app on the market called No Lock Screen. It's actually just a toggle style widget in the style of Power Control, and it did exactly what it claims to do, at least on my Nexus S.

  18. tay2fly

    tay2fly New Member

    It's possible to uninstall the lockscreen I did so n replaced it wit widget locker..
  19. Cronic318

    Cronic318 New Member

    How what did you delete or freeze to stop it?
  20. ivanprskalo

    ivanprskalo New Member

    Yeah, but some of us are not patient and adaptable like you.
    I hate slide-to-unlock first day on android and I hate it now even more. :mad:
    I just haven't time to cudlle with my phone when I need to do something quickly, like in a split of a second. Sometimes I think of doing something, and at the time I slide damn screen, and repeat it if I fail first time (because I'm in a hurry) - tought is just gone...

    I recomend to everyone: use ap called: Mylock or No lock.
    Go to Market and You'll find it.
  21. louiec

    louiec New Member

    @ chuhsi. yes you can remove the lock screen. Try this..
    Applications > Settings > Location and Security > Select Device Administrator
    Remove the Lock Screen
    Then uninstall it to Application Management
  22. mulllen

    mulllen New Member

    download 'No Lock' app.. works great for my HTC One V,

    cheers, mulllen.
  23. redbarbon

    redbarbon New Member

    It works great also on my desire, I need fast access when I use it as monitor during training.
    thx a lot for the hint!!!

  24. zap

    zap New Member

    Settings, My Device, Lock screen.
    Then press swipe or none.

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