Can I remove the stock battery indicator?Support

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  1. bjack56

    bjack56 Active Member

    I've installed BatteryLeft and like it, would like to not have the factory battery indicator up top.

    "Just ignore it" I know...I'd like to remove or hide it if possible.

    Thx in advance! :eek:

  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    Maybe the peeps that have rooted their phones may have an answer but there doesn't seem to be a way on the standard os. The only thing I have found on ADW launcher is to hide the entire notification bar.
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  3. bjack56

    bjack56 Active Member

    Yeah, I'd rather not root (not that tech-savvy). Found that option with ADW, but I do like the rest of the notification bar info to be up there.

    I'll just carry on!

    (thx for the reply!)

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