Can I root my Samsung Stratosphere OTA 2.3.6?

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  1. Loren Rogers

    Loren Rogers New Member

    Hi gang,
    I have the Stratosphere with 2.3.6 OTA. Looks like rooting is for 2.3.5. So I was wondering if I could do the same procedure and same files for 2.3.6?

  2. pitchdarkice

    pitchdarkice Member

    yup, same procedure
  3. ljbew

    ljbew Member

    have you succeed in rooting?
  4. pitchdarkice

    pitchdarkice Member

    i had no problems doing it using the original method
  5. Spanky333

    Spanky333 Member

    I did but wound up with 2.3.5.....
  6. arges86

    arges86 New Member

    I rooted with 2.3.6 following the rootzwiki guide and my WiFi has stopped working

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