Can i share the connection between android and my pc through USB cable?Support

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  1. spupuz

    spupuz Well-Known Member

    Hi i founded something from google can someone confirm that? and in that case i do need ROOT?

    Code (Text):
    1. Can i share the connection between android and my pc through USB cable?
    3. I'd like to connect to the internet with my android using the PC  internet connection. Yes, you can. It's described on koolu's forum. Check this link [1].
    5. If you dont have access i just copy paste the instructions below.
    6. All credit goes to koolu and Brian Code for this info:
    8. [1] [url=] • Login[/url]
    10. Yes, you can use the USB to browse the web...
    12. You need to do three things to enable the internet.
    14. 1. First make sure that network forwarding is working on the computer  that the phone is connected to. 2. Add the default route to the phone:
    16. Code: Select all
    17.     route add default gw dev usb0
    20. 3. Add the dns for proper name resolution
    22. Code: Select all
    23.     setprop net.dns1
    27. You should be able to ping the computer the phone is connected to:
    29. Code: Select all
    30.     ping
    34. You should also be able to ping IP addresses outside of that subnet if  the route has been set up properly. The route can be verified by:
    36. Code: Select all
    37.     cat /proc/net/route

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    You can tether your pc to your phones connection via usb cable ...
    Search the net for app call PDANET (it is not in the market)
  3. spupuz

    spupuz Well-Known Member

    emh i do not want to use my android phone to connect the pc to internet, i do wanna use the internet connection of the pc to connect the phone to internet
    it's clear?
  4. Ramoda

    Ramoda New Member

    did you get it working spupus? i would like to have it too, thx
  5. szman

    szman Member

    Did anyone get this working? I, too, would like to use the internet (as provided by the PC) over the USB cable and onto the phone. I call this "reverse-tethering".
    If anyone has any information please let us know!
  6. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Do a TAG search on this site for tethering ...

    There is an App you might try PDANet .... search the web for it ..
  7. ZED_pt

    ZED_pt New Member

    We dont want to tethering...
    What we want is to use our PC cable connection(not a wireless one) and use it in our android through USB like in WM with activesync...

    I find it stupid that a phone with alot of app
  8. szman

    szman Member

    I have searched low and high, tried a few things, but I don't see reverse tethering working anytime soon on android.
  9. Sweed

    Sweed Well-Known Member

    there is no way to do it on a usb cable.
    thats not how it works, however they may be hope if:
    1) if your rooted
    2) your computer has a wireless internet card
    3) your computer is connected to the internet via a wire.

    you can use your computer to set up a ad hoc network that your phone will connect to.
    however android doesn't support adhoc so you'll need to have a rooted phone
  10. szman

    szman Member

    nah, this really needs to work across usb or bluetooth. This is an area where Windows mobile is much better than android.

    creating adhoc wireless networks is OK, but not as elegant as Windows mobile.
  11. bergenp0

    bergenp0 New Member

    We really need this feature too. We're showing our new Android app at CES (consumer electronics show) next month in Vegas, but, from my experience at prior CES's, it's completely impossible to get Wi-Fi to work on the show floor (there's thousands of access points in a 100 foot range), and, even voice calls fail 80% of the time since there's too much congestion in a big trade show.

    We have a hard-wired internet connection to Linux and Windows PC's in the booth, so I want to have give the Android phone (G1, Cliq, anything) a hard-wired internet connection over the USB, and maybe use a VOIP telephony client that uses the network connection, so when we need to demo our app, we know that our phone will have a reliable internet connection and be able to make/receive calls.

    I read this thread about reverse tethering over wi-fi: Connect G1 to Ad-hoc network SOLVED - Page 2 - Android and G1 Forums, Mods, Hacks, News, Downloads, Skins, Themes, and more! | ModMyGphone
    which doesn't solve our problem, but, since Linux supports ethernet over USB it seems there must be a way, particularly if you have Linux running on the PC also.

    If anybody knows how to make this work we'd be willing to offer a cash bonus or a consulting fee to make it happen. Without this feature we can't demo our wares at the show, only talk about them.
  12. anthonynon

    anthonynon New Member

    The best would have been a connection thought USB cable, however, this method with Adhoc network could help me. Could you please explain further how to do it? how can I "root" my android phone?
  13. cougarthecat

    cougarthecat New Member

    Can I use my cell phone aka smart phone aka android to access the internet from my pc aka notebook using the data plan on the cell? I know one can get an internet usb stick but seems I already have the net on my cell phone I might as well use it :)
  14. navaskdl

    navaskdl New Member

    It is possible to reverse tether(use internet of pc to the phone)
    You need two things for this purpose
    1.An additional network card(if you are using a wireless broadband internet on pc, you dont need addl card - means if your existing nic is free(n/c) then you dont need addl. card)
    2. A wireless router


    1. Bridge two lan connections by right clicking and add to bridge
    2. COnnect your wireless router to the free lan port
    3. Acces internet(for other devices) from the wireless signal of the router.
    Thats it.

    Additionally, it is possible to make your android phone as a wifi hotspot. it is great feature in froyo2.2

    best of luck
  15. ReggieSpencer

    ReggieSpencer New Member

    Reverse tendering through USB is implemented on the HTC Desire HD and just comes up as an.option when the USB cable is connected. My wife has an LG GT 540 which is a piece of junk, but I would like to connect through USB in the same way I do with the HTC any ideas would be welcome Incidentally HTC call it Internet Passthrough.
  16. ReggieSpencer

    ReggieSpencer New Member

    Sorry, beaten once again by the auto correct. tendering should of course been tethering.
  17. mgranja

    mgranja New Member

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  18. SkyHiRider

    SkyHiRider New Member

    Thanks for the blog post link, looks good. Don't have Android 2.2 on my phone thou so I need a tethering android app that would add the functionality.

    Anyone knows a good free tethering app that can be reverse tethered as per the guide ? Anyone tried that solution?
  19. ramuk8or

    ramuk8or Member

  20. sk9412

    sk9412 Member

    I have bought a G1 from a friend and he has only given a USB cable. I have tried connecting the phone to my laptop (Windows 7) but its not coming up in My Computer. The laptop makes a noise when the USB is connected but no Autoplay window opens up and nothing is there on the phone to access the phone. I have tried using different cables and the same things.....

    I found it in under Devices and Printer but it is called Android Phone and when I right click it the only options are Create Shortcut, Troubleshoot and Properties so I can't go in to the phone. I have gone through Properties and updated the driver but still nothing and I can't get in......

    Please could you help urgently because I want to access my phone through the laptop. Also, I am running on Android 1.6 so no roots on the phone and I have recently Factory reset it when I got the phone..............
  21. kaykhanittha

    kaykhanittha Member


    Any easy way to connect my NEXUS ONE Android 2.2 to the internet throw my computer connection ? (connect phone to PC by USB)

  22. freyo

    freyo Member

  23. greenhorn

    greenhorn Member

  24. Droidram

    Droidram New Member

    I would also like to link my phone and pc via the usb cable. Did you figure out a way of doing it Greg or anyone else?

  25. greenhorn

    greenhorn Member

    I never did. I really wish there was a way to get the PPP over USB working as above. Using XP as a WiFi hotspot never worked either, only works for Win7.


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