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Can I stop my text messages from being seen on the lock screen?

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  1. droidnovice

    droidnovice New Member


    When I lock my phone you can still read the last message on the lock screen. Is there away to prevent the latest message from being displayed while my phone is locked?

  2. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    It should only do this if the message is still marked as unread. Are you using the default SMS app?
  3. droidnovice

    droidnovice New Member

    yes I am using the default and it is an unread message, but anybody who picks up my phone can read who my last text message came from without unlocking the phone.
  4. daisy605

    daisy605 Member

    I am having the same problem!!! driving me crazy
  5. Quazar

    Quazar Well-Known Member

    Get ChompSMS, it has an option to change that.
  6. daisy605

    daisy605 Member

    the ChompSMS program worked, thanks!

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