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  1. dixie460

    dixie460 Well-Known Member

    If so, how can I make that happen. Also, if I enter contacts under my Google account (from the phone) does that save it to Google's servers and can I restore them in case I lose them again?

    Huawei Ascend with freshly flashed IcarusMod



  2. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    If you enter contacts from your Google account, and you haven't disabled sync, all the contacts will be backed up to google's servers and changes made on computers/phones to that account will be synced to all the other devices that use that account.

    Also, Google contacts allows you to restore your contacts to virtually any point in time, so if you mistakenly delete contacts on your phone, you are a few clicks away (on your PC) from restoring them.

    I wouldn't bother saving the contacts to the SD card (in fact, I don't bother :) )
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  3. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    I don't sync my contacts to google. I export them to my sdcard and I backup the card to my pc periodically.
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  4. dixie460

    dixie460 Well-Known Member

    Jimdroid, when you say enter contacts from my Google account, do you mean entering them on the phone and selecting my Google account name when the device asks what I want to create it under?

    pool_shark, how do I get the phone to copy my contacts to my SD card? I do keep a backup of my contacts on my computer, so it would make sense to be able to easily sync them via the card.

    I love being able to do this kinda thing, this is my first Android phone, all my previous phones ran crappy BREW.
  5. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure about your phone but on mine I open the contacts app, hit menu - more - import/export.
  6. dixie460

    dixie460 Well-Known Member

    Excellent. Got it backed up to SD. Thanks!
  7. cherylp32

    cherylp32 New Member

    On my HTC Aria, my contacts take up nearly 14MB of internal storage, and I would LOVE to store that on my 32GB sd card, rather than my meager internal memory... Does no one seriously know how to do this??:confused:
    I want more awesome apps, but I might have to disown quite a few friends before I can do that, LOL
  8. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    According to the provided app description in the ANDROID MARKET,GO CONTACTS is capable of moving contacts to the SDcard.
  9. vanessaaa041

    vanessaaa041 New Member

    i have a quick question. i lost all of my contacts last night and it took a really long time to get them back so i want to make sure that i have several different methods of backing them up so i will never lose them again.

    i was wondering, i already saved them to my google acct (would i be able to see which contacts i have saved under my acct from a pc?) and also, if i exported the contacts to SD card, will that permanently delete them my phone? or does does it just make another copy of the contacts and backs it up on my SD card?

    thank you!
  10. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    You can go on to your gmail account and see all the contacts names and numbers you sync'd to it. And when you export them to your sd card it just copies them and makes a file called a Vcard00001.

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