Can i upgrade android OS myselfSupport

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  1. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    I have a motorola i1. I know its kind of a rare phone, i had to special order it. It is running android os 1.5 and i was wondering if there is any way i can upgrade the os myself.

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

  3. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    short answer... No.
  4. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    Yeah i figured that out. Its a shame, i love this phone just wish i could install the new apps. Just have to wait for the i1q
  5. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    This phone is on the verge of losing total support by Motorola and Google. Without an OS update. Which is officially not going to happen.
    We are left sifting through the android market with trial and error downloads and installation failures. Which is not cool.
    Ive owned mine since July and have enjoyed my experience with it and will continue to use it till it or the network dies whichever comes first being I have my phone the way I like it now.
    However I will no longer advocate the sale to this phone until they drop the price dramatically I'm talking prepaid $200.00 max and more importantly fix the issues with the android market.
    This is not how customers are supposed to be treated after dishing out $400.00 of hard earned money for little to no support.
    I couldn't see buying another Motorola product after this experience.
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  6. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    I think we all feel like suckers. I knew nothing about android phones before i purchased this one and i have learned alot from this experience. I will make sure i know more about the next one i buy. The i1q is supposed to have 2.1 or 2.2 operating system. I just hope my service provider gets this phone. The i1 is still way better than the old iden phone i had.
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  7. farizkhalid

    farizkhalid Member from malaysia and currently using htc desire Z with v2.2.1 froyo..i have some questions :

    1. is it possible to upgrade my current OS to 2.3 gingerbread?

    2. if so, whether it will affect my contact details, personal files & data stored, my installed applications, my saves games and other things that related?

    3. i also heard sumtimes there's a problem with certain applications to work after upgrade the it true?

    need the answer from the expert. sorry coz i'm a bit weak in this matter.
  8. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    Said goodbye to my i1 and the mike ptt network. Now have HTC Desire HD and i love it.
  9. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member


    My first cell phone

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