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Can I use a Sprint Sierra Aircard with an Android tablet?

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  1. stealthpaws

    stealthpaws Member

    I put this here because I had no idea where else to post it...

    Ok..I don't know enough to even know if that's a stupid question. Here's my issue...
    I'm grandfathered in to an "unlimited" data plan on my Sierra aircard. I am completely wireless...no cable, satellite, landline, or DSL. I run my laptop on the card, and since I live in the boon-docks, I ONLY get 3G...when it works. Even though I'm close to Houston, I will never see LTE out here, so I keep the old Compass 597 which is well out of contract. I've also just downgraded my phone plan, as I finally got rid of my other 2 phones. Finances sorta suck right now. BUT...I really want a tablet...mainly for e-reading and light-duty computing when I'm on the road. I just don't want to have to add back another service. I want to use my aircard, and I want an Android ICS tablet. So, I've been looking and looking. I know nothing about tablets.....and I have no idea if aircards even work with Android OS. Can someone please explain (in Moron-ese) if this will work? oh..I REALLY don't want to root the device. I am still too scared to root my EVO. LOL. (Rooting my Hero was a 1-click thing...didn't have to open cmd windows & such- scarey stuff!)

    Thanks so much!

  2. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    If It's one of the pcmcia cards, I don't think that will work. I THINK you will need a wireless hotspot like the MiFi, Overdrive, or Sierra Wireless tri-network hotspot. I don't know for sure, but you may be able to get a used one online somewhere, and keep your grandfathered plan. Eitherway.. I think you'll need a wireless hotspot to link up your tablet.
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  3. stealthpaws

    stealthpaws Member

    @BenChase7 - The Sierra unit is USB & it carries it's own software on-board, but it's for Windows. I found one or two tablets that have a USB port. Thought perhaps there might be an app to get it working on Android OS. I'll look into the hotspot thing...I haven't kept up with all the new gadgets for a few years, and trying to catch up is bustin my butt! Thank you.

    Got to thinking tho...the reason I want to use the card is so I can use wherever I am..without having to be hooked up to anything else. ~sigh~ I think my EVO has a hot-spot capability ... for $30/month. THAT is out of the question for now. Oh well...thanks tho.
  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    there is no software to allow the tablet to interface directly with the aircard with the tablet in a stock rom setting.

    if you wanted to root your tablet, this can open up other possibilities and you may be able to get the aircard to hook into your tablet.

    even if you get to use the card, you still have a monthly fee. i did not read your entire first post but you do have to pay a mobile data plan fee through sprint--unless you have setup a different plan thats free from sprint?

    if you want to discuss rooting, this is not the place for it. find your devices' forum and then post those questions there. :)

    if you want to look into the hotspot thing, that is the best solution without rooting.
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