Can I use just Wi-Fi without data plan to connect to internet?Support

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  1. mikoo

    mikoo Active Member

    I am getting Samsung Vibrant to replace my wife's Behold II. She doesn't have a data plan but was able to use Wi-Fi to connect to internet with Behold II.

    I assume, that's the case with Vibrant too. Does any one know, is that's true?

    I am sure to get comments from few that what's the point of having smart phone without data plan but my wife doesn't need it and don't want it.

  2. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

    Yes, you can connect to the internet without a data plan, infact you don't even need to put in a sim card, you just connect via wifi. You can even access Android Market and download aps, you just need a google account.

    Keep in mind, without a data plan, you may not qualify for full discounted price, and may not qualify for rebates.
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  3. mikoo

    mikoo Active Member

    Thanks for your reply. Well, I am getting in replacement of faulty Behold II and T-mobile replaced it for free. I was asking because, at T-mobile store, rep was saying that some smart phones don't let you make calls without having a data plan but although he did say that if Behold II worked that Vibrant should work too.
  4. bluetwo

    bluetwo Member

    Ok... so conceivably I could use my Vibrant in Egypt or Timbuktu as long as there's a Wi-Fi conncetion available there? Could I use an app like SportyPal, an app that uses the phones GPS to log your workouts such as runs, walks or bike rides, which get recorded on the SportyPal website? Right now it seems like the app automatically updates the SportyPal workouts via my T-mobile data/network connection.

    It seems promising, that once I turn off my phone plan I'll still be able to use my Vibrant just like a person would use an iPod Touch but it's hard to figure out the answers to my other questions.
  5. goldsend

    goldsend Active Member

    Unfortunately no you can not use the GPS without a plan because the Vibrant uses A-GPS which works through triangulation on the cell towers as well as satellite coverage. You must be in range of a cell tower and have an account with that service (or have roaming) in order to use GPS. It is stupid, I know. The GPS is crappy enough on the Vibrant without them complicating it by using cell towers also.
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  6. bluetwo

    bluetwo Member

    The GPS is notoriously crappy and I can certainly attest to that too. Otherwise I love the phone though.

    I'm just trying to figure out if I should break down and pick up an iPod Touch in order to keep using this app. Or maybe there's a better/cheaper alternative? I don't even want to mess with iTunes but I guess I will if there isn't another way.
  7. Phailip90

    Phailip90 New Member

    So i can use the wifi on my android and NOT get billed for it? im just wondering because i dont want to use the wifi and find out i have to pay for it ( i just wanting to be 100% on this)
  8. bluetwo

    bluetwo Member

    I'm in Afghanistan right now and have the phone service completely disconnected (and even if I had a plan in effect it wouldn't connect here anyway) and I use the Wi-Fi anywhere there's a hub without any issues whatsoever. It seems like most of the apps work including Gmail, YouTube and "Email" which is Hotmail in my case.

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