Can i use my Boost Mobile HTC EVO DESIGN 4G in Europe with a Sim Card from CarrierX?????General

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  1. EVOGUY88

    EVOGUY88 Well-Known Member

    I am back haven't had an HTC Phone in a while as you know they released HTC EVO DESIGN 4G on Boost Mobile less than a month ago i upgraded to it.
    I Read how it is CDMA and GSM and it supports all 4 bands of GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz. Obviously it can take SIM CARDS i do have the MSL CODE. Can i unlock it to work with a SIM CARD to work in EUROPE since i got the MSL CODE. Which carrier should i buy a SIM CARD with service from?????
    The parts of Europe would be SPAIN,ITALY,NETHERLANDS.
    The phone is advertised as a WORLD PHONE.
    Is there another way to unlock it to work with a SIM CARD AS WELL?????

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    It should work so long as your not in the United States and have inserted a foreign sim card. Power off the phone, then pull battery to insert sim card and on reboot it should go into GSM mode or prompt you asking to go to GSM mode.

    As for which carrier. It shouldn't matter so long as they use a GSM frequency this phone supports. But I think you will be limited to 2G data speeds if you use a sim card.
  3. haris163

    haris163 Well-Known Member

    What Apache said, however, it should support 3G in Europe. BTW, I just did some testing in the US:
    EVO DESIGN 4G confirmed for Q2 2012 - Page 6

    the phone it appears not to work in the US with a SIM, but it should work overseas.
  4. EVOGUY88

    EVOGUY88 Well-Known Member

    Just wonering if i need to enter in the MSL or SPC code to ''UNLOCK'' The BOOST MOBILE HTC EVO DESIGN 4G to work with a sim card in europe??????

    Is that the kind of ''UNLOCKED'' they are talking about when you have a ''UNLOCKED WORLD PHONE'' or is entering the SPC or MSL Code a different kind of ''UNLOCK''????????

    I just need to get a Sim card for the places in Europe with Service for the places i am going in EUROPE right???????

    There is no need for entering the SPC or MSL Code for it to be working with a sim card in europe right?????????



  5. gegon

    gegon New Member

    Hi EVOGUY88.

    Just wonder if finally you were able to use your phone with a sim card in other countries. I'm having exactly the same question you posted.

    Thanks in advance for any tip you could share.
  6. EVOGUY88

    EVOGUY88 Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried yet bro. Have you read your manual i have not read the manual yet i am guessing it will have some info. Call Boost to see what they have to say i know that they do not offer service outside the USA except for some places like Australia if i am not mistaken. Remember Boost Mobile is Sprint and Sprint only has CDMA USA COVERAGE. Pretty much everywhere in the WORLD IS GSM ONLY There are a few Asian Countries that are CDMA. I am pretty sure that all you need to do is Purchase a SIM CARD WITH SERVICE for the Part of the World you will be in. Then Insert the CARD AND RESTART THE PHONE I THINK THAT IS HOW IT WORKS.

  7. dforristall

    dforristall New Member

    I have mine working on a GSM SIM IN Kuwait. The phone was almost new when I came over here. Initially the phone was stock and activated on Boost in the US. Got over here, then did as apache thunder stated and powered down, took out battery, inserted SIM (the salesperson activated the SIM in stock Nokia phone for the region first for me, as I thought my phone might not work) , then replaced battery and booted up. Gave it a few minutes... and everything worked fine. 3G speeds on data, and good call quality.

    Note***** After a week or so I was playing with settings etc... and turned on the native ICS/Boost tether option. It dropped all of my data and MMS settings!!!! :mad: Since I was outside of the US, could not do an activation to go back to square one, or superuser rights to check settings, I ended up rooting the phone, and using apache thunder's custom rooted ROM, then added the CWM mod, put in the wifi tether mod, and rebuilt all my apps, settings, data etc.. I took me a couple days of playing with it as I still had an issue getting the correct APN settings in for data/MMS. Eventually I found an app called HiAPN that allowed me to switch the APN mode to global when using the DNS test function. ( I was in global mode on the phone settings, but the phone wouldn't take the APNs before doing this) Then everything worked again. Now I am rooted, and much happier anyway. We'll see if it effects function when re-activating in the states...
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  8. seppo

    seppo Member

    Is there any way it can be unlocked to work with other carriers in the US. Thanks
  9. EVOGUY88

    EVOGUY88 Well-Known Member

    dforristall Thank you for the info now me and the others know about going into gsm mode.

    By the way seppo if you can get your msl code for your phone you should be able to unlock it. But to another carrier i don't know you could use it on another gsm/sim card carrier i suppose and probably another carrier that is CDMA try getting the MSL CODE. There was an app in the playstore that can find your MSL Code on your phone and tell you what it is. The MSL CODE Unlocks the Phone in some way i believe it is so it can be moved to another carrier and so information can be programmed.
  10. Mashan

    Mashan Member

    Hello, I have a question regarding your boost mobile phone. did you unlock your phone?
    I am thinking buy this phone because my oldest boost mobile is broken. I will be going to back to my country end of this year so I want to make sure if this HTC Evo 4g phone would work with gsm network over there. I am not planing to use any gsm network in the USA.. This phone is on Sale these days. if you can respond me asap then I can try decide buying this or not.


  11. Mashan

    Mashan Member

    Hi, did you HTC phone work in Europe? did you have to unlock it? I am thinking buy this phone soon. but wondering if you are using in Europe right now without having any problems? this phone is on sale these days and my current boostmobile phone is broken. I need a new phone but want to use boostmobile and gsm later when I go back to my county.
  12. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    It'll work on any GSM network outside the USA. That is the story anyway. I haven't tried it yet.

    Dont forget to go into Settings> Mobile Network> Roaming Mode and set it to Automatic or Any GSM. Let us know how it goes. BTW. Where are you from?
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  13. Mashan

    Mashan Member

    I am from San Jose CA, but I will be going back to Sri Lanka in end of December, I was thinking to buy an unlocked iphone that time and take it to there, but now my samsung boost mobile is giving me some problems that screen is going off, because of the ribbon is broken. I have to replace a phone soon. thinking about buying this HTC because it has CDMA and GSM. I can use CDMA here but wondering if it is unlock when I go to my country then I can use the same phone is in GSM mood.
  14. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    I'm from Bangladesh. I got the Design for the same reason. I'm not sure how the phone decides that you're on a usa gsm band or an international gsm band but I hear it'll work fine overseas. Let us know how it goes. I do know that the AOSP/KP roms do not have the dual antenna feature supported so make sure to have a sense rom.
  15. They absolutely do not support the other antennas so make sure you flash a stock rom before traveling abroad.
  16. Mashan

    Mashan Member

    The HTC evo 4G boost mobile phone is a CDMA and GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) phone. when you go to setting on the phone like this - "Mobile network" - Preferred Network - Global mood or GSM/UMTS mood, it say "it does not support in the U.S. Only foreign SIM card usable in device" well, the thing is I am going back to my country in December but I want to find out who has already gone to another country and has used in GSM mood without unlocking this device. I have had unlocked a phone 2 years ago and I got software problem and had to throw away that phone. it was a T-mobile.

    Anyway. In this discussion, there is one person who has gone to Kuwait and has used this phone. please some one let us know for sure whether they have unlocked or not using this phone in other country.
  17. Mashan

    Mashan Member

    does you work work in Europe? pls let us know. did you have to unlocked it? or withought unlocking it, were you able to use a SIM card in there?
  18. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    No unlocking needed. Just need to get out of USA.

    Not sure how the phone decides if it is in the US or foreign but that's how it works. As long as you're outside the area you can use the phone. No unlocking needed.
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  19. shakaibsafvi

    shakaibsafvi Member

    I am in Pakistan, and I am using the EVO Design 4G (Sprint) on GSM for over a month now. Works brilliantly !!
    What I am working on is to have the CDMA module register with one of the local EV-DO and/or WiMAX service providers. I have an account with both local operators, therefore have all the necessary settings. If anyone can guide me how to set up the phone I'll be grateful.
    Thanks BR
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  20. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    shakaibsafvi I wrote this up yesterday and I swear I posted it too. But last night I noticed that the post dissapeared or I wrote it up and didn't post it. I was too lazy to do it yesterday.

    Anyway. First thing that you need to do is get the MEID of the device registered on the network. I'm guessing that they let you do that over there unlike here in the USA. After you get the handset registered you need to manually program in a PRL to the phone. You can get the PRL from a different phone that's already on the network or you can simply ask the company. I'm sure they have a repository somewhere. Usually 1xRTT prls are different from the 3g prls. But your company might have them on the same prl.

    After you get those two out of the way you're ready to get the phone on the network. For the next step you need the MSL/SPC for the phone. If you already know your MSL then cool. If you dont then get MSL Reader from the market. It'll spit out your MSL in seconds. I'm going to assume since you're on this forum that you're rooted. MSL Reader only works on rooted devices.

    Next you need to dial ##msl# on your phone. Once you dial that you'll be given a little pop up menu that'll ask you to either Edit or View. You want to Edit. Now you'll be asked for your MDN/MSID combo. The MDN is your phone number on the network that you're trying to get the Design on. The MSID the company can give to you. If they're not sure what the MSID is then that means that they do not use MSID and your MSID in this case would be the same as your phone number.

    Once you have that written out as you want it to be hit the Menu button on the top right and select to Commit Modifications. The phone should reboot by itself. If the phone doesn't reboot by itself then do it manually. Once rebooted it should register on the network and you should be able to make calls. You might have to mess with the roaming settings and allow all types of roaming since you're not on any Sprint tower any more. You'll probably also hear a warning tone because you're "roaming" before every call.

    If you get stuck make a different thread and we'll continue there since this is not about a GSM network any more and others might want to know about getting this phone on a different CDMA network.

    Anyway. If you get this far and you can make calls then you'll be able to send/receive texts too. Getting 3g or data working might be another feat.

    Keep me posted.
  21. marcaronson408

    marcaronson408 New Member

    Hi, I recently purchased a Boost Mobile HTC EVO Design 4G and I've activated it with Boost for domestic use. I am traveling to China in a few weeks. Based on what I've read in this thread it sounds like I should be able to insert a SIM card from any China carrier, switch the network settings to "Global roaming mode" and use the phone without the need for any special "unlock" codes. I'm posting this to check to make sure I've properly understood and that I won't have problems when I get to China, thanks!

  22. EVOGUY88

    EVOGUY88 Well-Known Member

    Once you have purchased your sim with service turn off the phone put the sim in it's slot. Then power the phone back on you will get a message i forgot what the message is. I saw the message one time because i had just gotten my phone and had not yet activated the phone with boost yet. I believe it said if i am not mistaken ????mode or Global Roaming mode it may have been some other words.

    It is quite simple though you shouldn't have any problems Good Luck.
  23. marcaronson408

    marcaronson408 New Member

    I am back from China and I can confirm it worked. Here is how I did it:

    1. Inserted SIM card
    2. Goto settings->Mobile Network->Preferred Network and select "GSM / UMTS mode"

  24. cascojet

    cascojet New Member

    what about data services does ot work at least 3g speeds or edge???
    when it is used out of US ?
    im trying to get it to use between san diego ca and tijuana mexico?
    thanks regards

  25. marcaronson408

    marcaronson408 New Member

    I don't remember the exact speeds I got, but it was typically a few mbits/second. Better than the speeds I typically get with Boost when I am not on their 4G network.

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