Can i use SGS2 as Baby Monitor ReceiverSupport

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  1. marc.knuckle

    marc.knuckle Active Member

    as the title says.

    the receiver for our baby monitor cannot be connected to our TV anymore as the connector on the receiver is broken.

    i thought that as the phone can obviously pick up wifi signals, why couldnt it pick up the signal from the video camera in their room and display on the phone.

    the apps i saw on the market seem to be aimed at the phone being the camera and sending the video to a laptop, i wanted to sort of do the opposite and use the phone as a receiver.

    is this possible?

    thx guys

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  2. duc916

    duc916 Well-Known Member

    Depends what you're talking about. If your camera is an IP camera, then there are tons of apps for viewing it (for Android I like "IP Cam Viewer"). If your camera merely transmits A/V at 2.45GHz (wireless and wifi are two different things, same frequency but completely different modes of delivery), then no, it doesn't work that way. :p
  3. marc.knuckle

    marc.knuckle Active Member

    cheers mate.

    yeh, it's not an IP camera so never mind, i thought it would be an easy way to monitor them and cool at the same time.

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