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Can I use this phone with another Carrier?Support

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  1. DAVIDG12

    DAVIDG12 Active Member

    Can I use the HTC Evo V 4G with another CDMA Carrier?

  2. trippin

    trippin Well-Known Member

    I think the only carriers that allow you to use other networks phones are MetroPCS and cricket, and I'm not even sure about cricket. MetroPCS charges you a fee to flash a phone into their system, and it's not guaranteed to work and they don't support every device. A lot of phones back in the day could only get voice and sms working, no Internet or mms.

    I flashed a phone to them a couple years ago, it was a Samsung instinct, I only had voice and SMS until I found how to change some settings via qpst to get Internet working. I can't remember if I ever got mms working but don't think I did.
  3. coco3133

    coco3133 Well-Known Member

    Yea MMS on VM is totally different then any carrier haha
  4. koopakid08

    koopakid08 Well-Known Member

    Whether it is legally allowed is debatable, and differs from state to state.

    There are guides for flashing the evo 3d to different carriers if you search long enough but good luck getting everything working.

    Imo it's not worth it, just sell your evo and buy a new phone on that network.
  5. DAVIDG12

    DAVIDG12 Active Member

    What about Sprint. Will it work on Sprint?
  6. koopakid08

    koopakid08 Well-Known Member

    If you want this phone on Sprint just sell your evo for $250 and buy a used evo 3d for like $150.
  7. DAVIDG12

    DAVIDG12 Active Member

    Im planing to sell it, but most people dont have VM. Thats why I want to see if it works on Sprint so I can sell it to people with Sprint.
  8. euphan1555

    euphan1555 Well-Known Member

    just put it on craigslist for 225-250 and it will be sold in a matter of days if not the first day and nobody who is already on sprint would buy it since a used evo 3d is so much cheaper.
    DAVIDG12 likes this.
  9. DAVIDG12

    DAVIDG12 Active Member

    Okak I will do it, but I dont know how craiglist works :(
  10. euphan1555

    euphan1555 Well-Known Member

    its easy to use but always insist on meeting in a public place.if you are not in a hurry to sell i would put it up for $275.that would still be $50 less then what someone would have to pay for a brand new one.if it doesnt sell for that then drop the price.
  11. DAVIDG12

    DAVIDG12 Active Member

    Okay Thanks:D
  12. chadyboy81

    chadyboy81 Well-Known Member

    It can be activated on sprint out of the box as long as the meid has no bad scans
    DAVIDG12 likes this.
  13. DAVIDG12

    DAVIDG12 Active Member

    What do you mean by Bad Scans?
  14. koopakid08

    koopakid08 Well-Known Member

    No it can't....
  15. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Not true, the meid would no longer be in their database plus the Virgin rom would not function properly at least as far as mms is concerned.

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