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  1. gazdodd123

    gazdodd123 New Member

    Hey, I went swimming in the pool the other month with my phone in my pocket by mistake. I tried switching it on after it had dried out but nothing.

    I replaced the phone today and when I put the new battery in the old damaged phone it worked perfectly apart from a bit of a bright spot on the screen.

    It stayed on for about 5mins and now won't turn on with either battery.

    Does anyone know if the old phone might be fixed?

    Edit: I should also say the lights on the power button never worked

  2. Jake-SonyXperia

    Jake-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    I can only really suggest that you have a service centre check the device, they will be able to advise if the handset is beyond repair. Unfortunately it is more then likely that the PCB has been damaged.
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  3. gazdodd123

    gazdodd123 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I might just pop the cover off and have a look, it's not like it's covered under any warranty.

    Does anyone know where I can take a phone to to be repaired though? all of the phone shops tell me they can't do anything if I didn't buy it from them
  4. Katerina111

    Katerina111 New Member

    Contact the sony ericsson support. I've given you the link below (just choose the country you're in). Try and describe to them what happened. They'll send you and email saying to print the email and send it and a few other things with the phone to them for repairs. They'll give you the address where to send it to as well. I had software problems with my phone I'm guessing because I left it in my bag next to my wet umbrella. The sony ericsson company repaired it for free. Hope this helps
    Contact us - Sony Smartphones (Global UK English)

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