Can LG Optimus M+ run Skype?General

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  1. Samsmith

    Samsmith New Member

    I'm trying to do a Video Chat with family using this phone. Does Skype works well on this phone?:confused:

  2. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    Well it's lacking the most important element, a front-facing camera.
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  3. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href=" Contributor

    Place a mirror on the back side of the phone and angle things just right and it might work, if the software support's using the rear camera for such a thing as video chat.
  4. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

  5. youngnex

    youngnex Well-Known Member

    I agree! lmao
  6. Jak505

    Jak505 Member

    I can confirm that it is in fact working but you'd need a mirror or something with you or if you're like me you can use your NOOK's screen :p

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