Can LG Optimus Net be opened in recovery mode?

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  1. meet5000

    meet5000 Well-Known Member

    I want to know: Am I able to open LG Optimus Net in recovery mode?:confused:

  2. meet5000

    meet5000 Well-Known Member

    Hello..Is there anyone??
    Would anybody like to reply???
  3. ballack99

    ballack99 New Member

    for some strange reason, when i bouht my p690 (optimus net), when i tried to boot in recovery mode, the phone factory reseted, without first asking me if i want to...
    i thought that it was other combo for the buttons to log in recovery but i was very wrong...
    the phone (at least mine) had no recovery, just had factory reset on the vol up, home and power buttons combo...
    i flashed cwm recovery with the help of adb (java software for pc) and it works like a charm....
    you can read all about this in the thread "all root ... something..."
    hope you manage to make yours work...
    good luck!
  4. meet5000

    meet5000 Well-Known Member

    Reply after some months......
    But now it doesn't matter for me.
    Sorry I forgot to update the thread.
    But I've already installed the recovery about a month ago.
    You can see my full guide of rooting and installing custom recovery here:

    Thanks, anyway. :)
  5. meet5000

    meet5000 Well-Known Member

    @ Moderator / Guide: Please, lock this thread because it's not useful anymore.

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