Can LG Thrill play 3D photo/video on a Samsung 3D TV?General

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  1. mineown

    mineown Member

    Looking into buying LG Thrill eying its 3D capability.
    I have a Samsung plasma 3D TV and wonder if Thrill can play its 3D content well on my TV.

    Anyone have such experience?


  2. mineown

    mineown Member

    probably found the answer myself.
    Seems that you can hook up other vendor's 3D TVs according to the following review:
    LG Thrill 4G | Mobiles Room
  3. bm2thirsty

    bm2thirsty Member

    using of course the HDMI that comes with it, i'll say on my samsung 3d it worked fine. But wasnt as 3d'ish on the tv as it is on the phone...
  4. mineown

    mineown Member

    Good to have one more piece of evidence.
    You know there are several 3D settings on a samsung tv you can tweak.

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