Can my son use his Tab 2 as a phone?General

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  1. skeeterca

    skeeterca Active Member

    Thinking about upgrading my son to a smartphone and he suggested using his TAB2 as a phone. I heard when he bought it you could activate the Tab2 somehow and use it as a phone. Of course he would have to use a Blue tooth headset but that's no biggy. If this is true how do I get it to work with my carrier, AT&T. I have a sim card from his dumbphone, is there a way to install it in the Tab 2?


  2. raccoon19

    raccoon19 Active Member

    Hi skeeterca, there is no way to introduce a sim card to the tab 2. There are no programs that can turn it into a phone either. Unless someone out there has made one in the last couple months as I have asked the same question before. Looks like you will be buying a smart phone. On the other hand you could always buy him an Apple ipad. My son uses his as a phone.
  3. raccoon19

    raccoon19 Active Member

    Hi skeeterca, just had a thought. If you use Skype then you could use it as a sort of phone. With this method though the other people would have to be on Skype also.
  4. skeeterca

    skeeterca Active Member

  5. hkmk23

    hkmk23 Well-Known Member

    Well unless I have a different model my Tab 2 7 has both a sim card slot and and sd card slot and yes, I can and have used it as a phone.
  6. skeeterca

    skeeterca Active Member

    I was looking at YouTube videos on how to install a sim card and they show a slot right next to the SD card slot. My sons does not have that sim slot, only the SD slot. Could the external sim slot only be on the larger RAM units?

  7. copestag

    copestag Well-Known Member

    the sim slot would be on the branded units..... meaning you bought a VZW tab or a ATT tab...... if you bought the wifi only model then you have no sim slot
  8. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    Well, it was possible to make phone calls with the tab, along with Google Voice and GrooveIP or Talkatone, but google will be stopping third party apps from doing exactly this around May 15.
  9. zoonie

    zoonie Well-Known Member

    If you are on O2 you can use their app called tu go to make phone calls via wifi and it is charged as normal to you mobile phone. You can also send and receive text messages.
  10. chakshu98

    chakshu98 Member

    zoonie...can we find this app on playstore
  11. chakshu98

    chakshu98 Member

    And also what is meant by O2
  12. Pugs1957

    Pugs1957 Well-Known Member

    O2 is a UK based ISP
  13. chakshu98

    chakshu98 Member

    so can u send the link to download the apk file of this app????
  14. Pugs1957

    Pugs1957 Well-Known Member

    It's on Google Play store. Unless o2 provide your broadband it won't work
  15. chakshu98

    chakshu98 Member

    i am from india how can i get o2
  16. Pugs1957

    Pugs1957 Well-Known Member

    You would have to relocate to the UK!
  17. psionandy

    psionandy Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Not quite... O2 is a UK mobile phone network.. and thus provide their own SIMs (think of it a bit like a British AT&T , or BSNL) Unless you're an O2 customer this isn't going to work for you.

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