Can not access memory vis USB in Windows post upgrade to Android 4.1.1Support

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  1. sl0w

    sl0w Member

    I am no longer able to access the "USB Storage" device in Windows after upgrading to Android 4.1.1.
    I have a Galaxy Nexus S 4G.
    Prior to the upgrade, I could plug in my phone, enable USB Storage, and navigate my phone's folders in Windows.
    I'm no longer able to do this... any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Knocks

    Knocks Active Member

    Sounds like it's missing a kernel module. Do you have fast charge enabled?
  3. sl0w

    sl0w Member

    How do I check on that?
  4. sl0w

    sl0w Member

    to answer your question, no. I have not flashed my ROM.
    It's still on factory settings...

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