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  1. leegriff1

    leegriff1 Member

    Hi all

    I recently uploaded some movies onto my galaxy s2 through kies. I've now tried to remove the movies so I can upload some others, but it won't allow the files to delete.

    Anyone else had this problem or does anyone know a fix?

    Thank you

  2. ChicagoSammo

    ChicagoSammo Member

    It's not intuitive, is it - you'd think that you could delete straight from the Video icon.
    Try going into "MyFiles" then "Download" (or whichever folder it's saved in).
    *Don't click on the video - this will just play it again*
    Click the menu button to the left of the home button and select delete.
    Select the videos that you want to delete then hit delete.

    OR . . .

    Click on Gallery, find the videos and delete from there.
  3. leegriff1

    leegriff1 Member

    Thanks for the reply and your help, can't find anything in my files where videos could be kept, looked everywhere, and can't find them don't have an sd card in my phone so can only look in 1 location.

    Again thanks for your help still not sure what to do. Maybe its a bug inside the biggest bug of all commonly known as KIES!!!

    No way of contacting Samsung and informing them of the problem.

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