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Can not find send to voicemail optionGeneral

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  1. PetThePlume

    PetThePlume Member

    I have been going mad not being able to directly send certain contacts to voicemail as.:mad: I was under the impression that all Androids had this option.
    Stock lg ms840 with zv8.
    I would appreciate if anyone had any info to help me out. Beers on me (if you're in central fl)

  2. egood71

    egood71 New Member

    Same here. With my last Android phone I was able to but not with the Connect.....
  3. PetThePlume

    PetThePlume Member

    It wouldn't bother me, but I have debt collectors calling multiple times daily for the last owner of my phone number, which I've had since '05.Tried everything to stop them, even letters. I thought I had the answer when I gave up ios and switched to droid. I hope someone will enlighten us and give me back my sanity!
  4. airtioteclint

    airtioteclint Well-Known Member

    I have more debt collectors calling asking about ppl I've never heard of too. I tried changing numbers and it's just different collectors looking for different ppl. Lol. Hope you find the answer I think a lot of us would benefit from it.
  5. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    You can always download a callblocker & block the calls that way.
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  6. bluesuga

    bluesuga Well-Known Member

    search the google store for ringo, i use that app to send contacts straight to voicemail doesnt even ring or show i had a missed call. all you have to do is add the unwanted number to your contacts
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  7. PetThePlume

    PetThePlume Member

    Thank you, I am trying to stay away from so many permissions and apps that intercept calls. Being that I'm paranoid anyway I can't afford to not recieve a business call. I was hoping that it was just my ignorance to the lg ui that I missed the way to send the calls directly via in phone options.

    After the other replies to this posting, I see it's not just me :(
    Thanks to all that responded

    KUSHWRECK Well-Known Member

    Cant seem to find it on Google play.

    Can you share a link to it for google play?
  9. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    the best i can do for you without an app is to block calls from numbers not on your contact list.

    menu> settings> call settings> call restrictions> allow calls only from contacts.
  10. bluesuga

    bluesuga Well-Known Member

  11. Dark Penguin

    Dark Penguin Active Member

    Can you usually send the calls to voicemail instead of just blocking them? Certain callers I don't want to simply reject out of hand; I just don't want to talk right now and would like them to leave a voice mail.

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