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  1. Rokett

    Rokett New Member

    I was trying to update my Samsung Exhibit 4G (tmobile) last night and my computer got a blue-screen error so restarted it self.

    Right now I have a Exhibit that can not do anything.

    On the screen it saw

    "Firmware upgrade fail !"
    " Try using recovery mode"

    I can not go into Downlaoding mode,
    I can not go into Recovery mode

    ODIN does not recognize my phone at all

    Kies tries to connect to my phone but the circle turns infinite number of times and gives error.

    Kies connection troubleshoot doesnt work either.

    I do not have any backup thingy in my kies too, even i do i cant connect the phone.

    So what should I do?

    Im not that great with android phones yet, so please give some details so i can fix it.

    Thank you!

  2. Rokett

    Rokett New Member

  3. bunji

    bunji Member

    you need soft brick, if you want i can e-mail it to you

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