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  1. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    OK, I can not put Continuum into download mode.
    Odin fails to load half way, shows "fail".
    Reinstalled drivers from Verizon, phone is recogbized by PC and Odin shows COM connection.
    No download mode yellow triangle on the screen.


  2. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    scratch the question. even Verizon could not revive it. it's being exchanged by VZW.
  3. txwolf1980

    txwolf1980 Well-Known Member

    What happened? I thought we had you up and running.
  4. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    we did.

    then, I have noticed that phone does not keep settings. you can change contacts, wallpaper, anything else - it stays that way only until the phone is on. if you restart it, or battery dies - it reverts automatically back to factory settings.

    so, in my wisdom, I Odin-d it again, that went well; then, I installed CWM recovery, tried to put phone into recovery to install deodexed rom - and phone died. as in - d-e-d, dead. won't go into download mode, any attempts to reflash from Odin failed, will not restart.

    I, finally, gave up and went to VZW. They know me there, so guy tried to flash it himself - same crap, dead. they replaced it, it's running fine now. I am not touching it anymore. I had to add 3rd phone to the account, to procure a 2 day temp phone for my wife to get by.

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