Can predicted words be removed from the built-in Android dictionary without root?Support

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  1. ShawnWDP

    ShawnWDP Member

    My EVO 3d keeps correcting my typos to "real words" that no one ever uses. The main offender is correcting to "Git" rather than "Got."

    It makes me sound challenged because I keep saying "I just git home" or "you git it!"

    Is "git" even a real word? I mean, shouldn't spell check correct to "get" anyway? I checked to see if I accidentally saved it in the user dictionary (done that with a few typos) but it wasn't in there.

    So basically, how to I delete an actual, real, in-the-dictionary word from the auto-correct so it will stop making me sound like an idiot?

  2. Shaughnessy

    Shaughnessy Well-Known Member

    Good lord, I want to know this too. Apparently Swype thinks "stol" is the logical conclusion when tracing over S, T, I, and circling around L.
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  3. Minnis

    Minnis Active Member

    highlight the word and press the Swype key.
  4. brymitch56

    brymitch56 New Member

    I want to know if there is a way to edit the default Dictionary on my EVO 3D. I am running 4.0.3 with sense ver. 3.6. I know how to edit my User Dictionary, but there are words that really bug me, like when I fat finger the n and get "AMD" instead of "and". I just want to edit the dictionary without having to replace my keyboard. I don't use Swype, and don't really want to. Anyone know where the file is located, or how to edit it? Thanks

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