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  1. Amtrak23

    Amtrak23 Member

    Rooted, 4.08.605.2, using Handcent as default app.
    I had a two larger (500+) threads, and a few more in the 150+ range, and had been getting low space message on and off. Was going to do a cleanup later today but two messages came in at the same time and I couldn't open either one. While trying the radio would cut out and go to the "x" for a split second.

    I deleted cache for both stock message app and Handcent with no luck. Slowly deleted all messages via stock app and using force delete check box. Rebooted, and could now receive and open new messages in both apps. Although, after installing Handcent it immediately shows 12 new messages, even though there are none. There are some drafts that will not delete. And when trying to delete those the radio also cuts off, then one of them moves to inbox(recipient name at least) as a message from 1969, on the stock messaging app, not Handcent?

    Rebooted multiple times, pulled battery for 5 mins, tried using wifi only, etc. Anything else to try other than a hard reset?

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Try SMS cleaner, make sure to tell it to delete unread messages also:
  3. Amtrak23

    Amtrak23 Member

    Thanks, will try. But, I have more not so good news. I can make calls, but after about a minute it cuts off and a message to "Turn off airplane mode" pops up. I'm not accidentally turning it on either.
  4. Amtrak23

    Amtrak23 Member

    SMS Cleaner says I have 2300+ messages, but does not delete any. Even if I go back to 18 weeks back and try to delete 40 messages.
  5. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    May have to factory reset from clockwork and reinstall the rom.
  6. Amtrak23

    Amtrak23 Member

    Ok, seems back to normal I think. I navigated to /data/data/ and deleted that file to delete anything related to the messages.

    Handcent is back and so far have sent and made a few calls with no issues. Hopefully, it stays this way.
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